Are you a Genius? Hi-Fi Speakers Review

I want to share with you a nice little set of great sounding 50-watt Three-way Hi-Fi Wood Speakers from Genius. First to start my prosumer review I will say that these sound really, really good regardless of the source be it your iPod, iPhone or computer.

These Genius speakers have a warm and full sound and are very difficult to get distortion on even at high volume levels. Genius claims that they are 50 Watts RMS and each watt is put to good use. They include three hardware knobs for volume, bass and treble which are large and very easy to use. If you currently have some speakers on your desk that are so-so you don't know what you are missing, these speakers are technically what you would call "bookshelf speakers" but they work fine sitting on their side or upright on any larger size desk. They also work great as living room speakers for your TV or to connect your iPod or iPhone. Genius included a variety of inputs to allow a variety of devices to connect to them including any device with a headphone out or standard RCA plugs. I rate these speakers on three main categories: 

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Sound 4.5/5 - They sound really good with easy controls to get more bass or treble both of which are available in abundance.


Build Quality 4/5 - These are made with a wood frame and look nice if you like the black and silver modern look. The front panel is made of glossy plastic but still looks good next to the silver woofers.


Value 4/5 - These are a good value for anyone looking for a nice pair of speakers that will replace your old aging speakers that came with your computer. For $79.99 on they are pretty reasonable for the flexibility of inputs and high quality and good availability of sound they offer.

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