3 Ways Your iPhone Can Help You Stop Procrastinating

Thanks to technology, procrastination is a bigger problem than ever before in history. Our brains cannot handle the instant gratification we get from looking at cute kittens or the latest news on Kim Kardashian. At the click of a button we have access to all the information in the world. 

Have you ever done it? You say to yourself in the afternoon that you're just going to check social media quickly and then you wake up from a click coma two hours later. Your friend posted a cute puppy video that led you to YouTube so you could check all the latest puppy videos. Then you just had to go Wikipedia and read that article about huskies puppies. Two hours later you look up from the screen and you realize that you just wasted your whole afternoon. And you guiltily spend the last 30 minutes of your work day being  super productive to compensate. Have you ever done it? 

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Don't worry you're not alone. This has happened to most people one point in time.  

Technology can be a blessing or a course. It has enabled us to work and communicate faster than ever. We just need to be careful and use it the right way. Here are three ways to turn your iPhone from a distraction to a tool for fighting procrastination:

1. Use a Timer

Working with my iPhone's timer has probably had the biggest impact on my productivity. Time yourself while working on tasks and time your breaks. Work in sprints of 25 to 50 minutes where you work on your most important tasks and then take a break and do something completely different. This technique is sometimes referred to as the ”pomodoro” technique. If you can turn this into a habit you will see an enormous increase in output. 

You can also use it the other way around. Lets say you are a bit tired in the afternoon and you feel like checking some websites just to relax. Give yourself the permission and do it guilt free, but use the timer to make sure it does not get out of control. For example you can give yourself 20 minutes to check the news, social media, and whatever interests you have in the afternoon when you may have a dip in energy. 

You can use the timer on your iPhone or download any app by searching ”pomodoro” on the App Store. 

2. Listen to Music

Work with different playlists. Have one for productive time and one for relaxation time. If you, for example, give yourself 20 minutes in the afternoon to procrastinate, make a playlist that is 20 minutes long and speeds up at the end so the last songs gives you energy. Use the energy to get back to doing productive work. 

3. Connect with Your Why through Pictures

In smartphone coaching we work with our clients to identify their ”why.” Their purpose in life. Why they are doing what they are doing. If you can connect your to-do list with your bigger why, you will not feel like procrastinating. So think about the bigger picture? What is your why? Then find some pictures and put them together in a nice collage. Put text on top that explains your why. This can be done easy with a picture collag app. Next time you're tempted to procrastinate, reach for your phone and look at the picture to reconnect with your why and get busy!

I realized I was a procrastinator at university. Our teacher told us if we read five pages in our textbook every day, the exams would be easy. I ended up doing five consecutive all-nighters before the exam instead of reading those pages every day. And when I became an entrepreneur, procrastination almost caused my business to fail. I was forced to come up with a strategy if I wanted to make it work. This is the strategy I am now sharing with others that are in similar situation.

Top image: Alexey Boldin / Shutterstock.com

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