Good News Bible app - a great gift for children or new believers!

With the Good News Bible app, you can read the Bible and learn about the Bible, all in one app! The app contains the text of the New Life Good News Bible, both the Old and New Testament.

To read the Bible, simply select a book “off the shelf,” or use the index. You can change the font size, change the background theme color, do a keyword search, add notes, and bookmark. And that’s not all!

Here’s a brief description of the extras including on this app:

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Scrolling Illustrated Timeline of the Bible – this is really neat! You scroll through the timeline to see what happens when, who was alive, and where it took place. The graphics are awesome! Well worth the price of the app!


Who’s Who Guide to more than 50 characters of the Bible – I love this, too! Learn the who, what, when and where about the main characters of the Bible. Also includes direct links to Bible passages about the character.

Quizzes: 60+ quizzes on people and themes (places, women of the Bible, parables of Jesus, life of Jesus, books of the Bible, Old Testament, Prayers in the Bible, Ten Commandments, and animals in the Bible) FUN!

Dictionary – more than 1800 Bible terms defined and that contain links to the scriptures in which the term is found! The dictionary is difficult to use, as you must scroll through the terms or type in the term to find it. I would prefer an alphabet index where you select the beginning letter and then scroll. (UPDATE: I discovered from the developer that there is an alphabet index to the right of the menu. It is very faint, but it is there. I hope they will make it easier to see in the next update.)

Reading plan – includes a 3-week reading plan that covers the basic essentials of the Bible. This is great for kids and new believers.


Bible maps – includes a few maps of the world during Bible times, both New and Old Testament, as well as maps of Paul’s missionary journeys.

Prayers of the Bible – includes some of the most famous prayers of the Bible including the Prayer of Jabez and David’s prayer for forgiveness

Miracles of Jesus – this section includes the Bible text related to some of the miracles of Jesus

Parables of Jesus – includes the Bible text related to some of the parables of Jesus, including the Sower and the Seed, the Lost Coin, and the Good Samaritan

Inspiration and Occasions: Bible verses that inspire or help in time of need including passages for comfort, hope, joy, love, and peace, as well as passages for occasions such as Easter and Christmas


Life issues: Facts, opinions and questions about abortion, alcohol, environment, euthanasia, and more. The developer has listed scripture that supports his or her opinion. This section may be controversial for some readers; however, it is a small portion of the Bible app. Personally, I would have left this out if I were the developer! 

Bottom Line: This is a great app and well worth the money. The only thing I could wish for is that it included additional versions of the Bible. It’s a great gift for a new believer or for children.

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