Rumors: 2 GB RAM for iPhone 6s, Stylus for 12.9-Inch iPad

A Chinese-language publication in Taiwan with sources in Apple's supply chain has reported that Apple will up the amount of RAM in the next iPhone to 2 GB. But even more important, it will be next-generation LPDDR4-based RAM. According to an article on Forbes, this type of RAM is twice as fast as the RAM in the current iPhone.

This doubling of size and speed (or, more technically, bandwidth) will mean that the iPhone 6s could quadruple current performance, while still using the same amount of battery power. Apps would open more quickly, of course, but to Forbes, this increase in performance strongly suggests that Apple has a major change in mind for iOS 9. Apple never boosts performance just for the sake of specs. One possibility is that the additional RAM would help support split-screen multitasking, which has been rumored to be coming. Other features rumored for the next-generation iPhone include a dual-lens camera and a Force-Touch display.

While it's an interesting rumor, Forbes and other websites are pointing out obstacles. One is cost. This next-generation RAM is 35% more expensive, and Apple will be using twice as much of it in each device. That could impact profit margin. But Apple is always moving ahead, and it makes sense that they'd go for an increase in power. Android devices already have 2 GB of RAM, but don't outperform the iPhone because the latter's design uses RAM more efficiently.

Another recent rumor circulating on the blogs is that the expected 12.9-inch iPad might come with a simple stylus. Of course, the late Steve Jobs thought that any device that needed a stylus was a failed device, but it could well be that as Apple moves into the enterprise market with this larger iPad, they'll offer a stylus as an option. According to Macworld, whose source is a market analyst, the stylus would initially be similar to a standard stylus and would be charged via a Lightning connector. However, patents and other evidence suggest that Apple has a 3D stylus in the works that would come later and that would allow one to write on the screen just by moving the stylus in the air.

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