A Stellar Year: "Strongest Lineup of Products That Apple Has Ever Had."

Earlier this year, when Apple's Eddy Cue said that "we've got the best product pipeline that I've seen in my 25 years at Apple," he apparently wasn't exaggerating. This year has been nothing short of spectacular for Apple, with the release of one innovative and impressive product after another. It would seem the creative spirit of Steve Jobs is alive and well in Cupertino California. As Tim Cook reiterated today, this is the "strongest lineup of products that Apple has ever had." Congratulations Mr. Cook, job well done. Now as Apple wraps up it's last major product announcement of 2014, let's take a quick look back at what a year it's been for this powerhouse company as it proves itself to be more cutting edge and more relevant than ever.

A Look Back: A Year That Will Go Down in History. 

Watching Apple boldly march one amazing product after the other onto the world stage has been nothing short of incredible. Like  a championship team dominating the competition on their march toward the title, Apple has effectively reminded the world why it is the most valuable brand on the planet.


April 29

A Stellar Year:

Apple updates 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air, with improved processors and a price drop.


June 2

A Stellar Year:

Apple introduces Yosemite featuring, among other things: 

  • Seamless integration  between Mac and iOS devices 

  • UI redesign 

  • iCloud Drive

  • Ability to make and receive calls and send and receive texts from all your devices 


iOS 8 unveiled, featuring: 

  • HealthKit

  • Improved autocorrect

  • Support for third-party keyboards

  • Redesigned Notifications

  • Continuity, which allows users to switch between Apple devices, picking up wherever they left off. 

  • A game changer: Metal's programming interface, bringing a massive boost in graphic processing capabilities. 


Don't Forget About Dre


July 29

Updates 13-inch and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros, delivering improved battery life, system performance, and overall processing speed. 


September  9

The main event; introducing the highly-anticipated iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus series and the Apple Watch.

One that flew under the radar: the retirement of the old iPod Classic.


October 16

  • iPad Air 2 with HD Retina display

  • iPad mini 3 with Retina display

  • 27-inch iMac with HD Retina 5K display. Over 14 million pixels. Can we say "Wow"?

  • New Mac Mini

  • Notably absent: An updated Apple TV. It's been almost three years since Apple updated this product. However I don't think it is giving up on the Apple TV either, so look for an update early 2015.

2014: One for the Books

Even now, as a journalist who's spent this year writing all about Apple, its products, and these same myriad events, I have to admit; Apple's accomplishments this calendar year look all the more impressive when put down in writing. This banner year will be a tough act to follow for any tech company, Apple included. I suspect that even Apple itself will have a hard time topping what it's done this year. One thing's for sure though, if anyone was holding on to lingering doubts as to whether or not Apple would thrive in the post-Jobs era, I believe that those doubts have been effectively and thoroughly put to rest. That said, I can't wait to see what Mr. Cook, Sir Ive, and the rest of the Apple team have up their sleeve in 2015!

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