Alien Shooter Ex: Action, Aliens, and Adventure

Alien Shooter Ex Free) is the new mobile launch from RNTS Media, and this ambitious 3D alien annihilation adventure aims high. An expansive 3D environment, missions similar to RPG quests, major character development, a complex storyline, tons of savage slaughtering, and so much more. It’s a lot to pack onto a small screen, and an even greater challenge to end up with something as immersive as the end product. Alien Shooter Ex is a continuation of the Alien Shooter franchise, which some gamers will be familiar with from its PC incarnations. The original game became an instant cult classic. Perhaps the best decision RNTS Media's made for the game was to port it to a variety of mobile platforms. Alien Shooter Ex is the new mobile expansion on the Alien Shooter theme, which involves an alien invasion via teleportation experiments gone wrong.

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As the game’s no-frills name promises, the player is here to shoot aliens. What this modest promise doesn’t make immediately clear is how awesome Alien Shooter Ex is at delivering. Thousands, if not millions, of video games let you shoot aliens. Few have such intuitive, uncluttered, responsive touchscreen controls. the virtual dual joystick set up (left for movement, right for attacking/targeting), which fades in and out depending on whether you’re touching those areas of the screen, makes fantastic use of smartphone and tablet screen real estate. Nor are the controls finicky about where you choose to touch—it seems the lower right and left quadrants are fair game. A minimalistic mini-map and weapon toggle/ammo hud in the upper corners complete this polished UI.

When you enter Alien Shooter Ex for the first time, before you even get to the set up screen you will be given the intro mission,a brief tutorial on how to move and shoot. The intro mission also gives you the basic backstory. The hero’s been retired, but the aliens are returning in greater numbers, and his old pal in the military is calling him back to do what he loves most: Shoot aliens, of course.  After a brief practice run jogging around the compound and blowing away aliens, it’s on to the main menu. Here you’ll have access to the shop, your armory, and  the alien data logs. This is also where you'll track achievements, check rankings, and all that good stuff.  Don’t let that list fool you, though. Alien Shooter Ex is primarily about blowing up bad guys, and the game does a great job of walking you through equipment gathering and everything else. At least eighty percent of every mission I played seemed to be wholesale massacre of aliens, which was exactly what I was hoping for.

What makes this focus on frenzied killing so impressive, however, is that the game’s compelling graphics and immersive gameplay save it from bullet-hell repetition. This is definitely an adventure. A gory, violent adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. The minimal UI which never requires puzzling over, the intuitive controls, the eerie audio, the realistic textures, and the huge 3D world to run around in all contribute to a feeling of being swept up into this game. Aggravating waves of angry insectoid aliens just so I can blow them up has become one of my favorite ways to relieve stress.

Alien Shooter Ex is the type of game you pick up just to take a look and put down two hours later thinking it’s only been five minutes. It’s one of the best action/adventure shooters for mobile, especially since it's free.


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