Aeronauts: Quake In The Sky App Review

Battle games have always been a favorite for many.  So, it only made sense for Aeronauts: Quake In The Sky to become a contender.  This is due to the extreme movement involved along with the difficult goal of defeating the enemy in the sky.  That’s right; you are a weightless firefighting war plane that is attacking the sky with raging bullets and a quick reflex dodging oncoming fire from many enemy planes.  In fact, it’s all up to your plane since you are the only one fighting the enemy.  Luckily; there are some tricks that can be used to finally win!

First off; there are many options available on the main home page.  The help instructions are fairly informative, but you really won’t understand the functions until you play the game.  Since your battle plane is operated by tilting your phone for movement; there is an option under “setting” that will enable it to switch to touch controls or joystick.  However, for a true experience of the game; the suggestion would be to keep it in the tilting function.  It seems to be more fun that way.

Aeronauts Quake in the Sky iPhone app review

The concept is quite simple; you need to blow up the main enemy planes that can be identified by size and color as well as the large formation of bullets that it exuberates.  However, because there are smaller pawns that protect these large planes; you will have to destroy them first.  But, be aware of the orange ammunition flying around the screen since all of those are from enemies.  This is where the tilting occurs; to speed up, slow down, and dodge all of the bullets that are targeting you.  Luckily; your fighting plane is always spewing purple bullets, so as long as you continue to dodge and aim you will be hitting an enemy regardless!  This is a great feature by the developer since the option of hitting a button to fire can be quite difficult with the tilting function.

The overall goal is to accumulate points and that is done by capturing stars once you’ve destroyed an enemy.  The harder it takes to shoot down a plane determines the value and color of the star.  In other words, bronze is given with easier planes while gold is harder to achieve but worth a considerable amount of points.  Not only do enemy planes give you stars, but you can also receive extra power for ultimate fire and health crosses to increase life.  So, it’s best to destroy as many planes as you can. 

Aeronauts: Quake in the Sky for iPhone

Once you start your game; you can choose between three different fighting planes each with a personal biography.  After you are suited up for battle, you’re allowed to pick the venue.  Technically there are five different options, but the first three are free.  Completing the first battle will unlock the next one until all three are open.  The other two can be purchased for 99 cents.  And for those who are still learning; you can choose between easy, normal, and hard difficulty levels making it convenient for play. 

There is an option to view other top scores through a linked application called Nest.  This can be found on the startup page under “scores”.  It’s similar to GameCenter and you have to register, but it’s free.  However, within the application there is the ability to compare scores and try to hit a top ranking. It’s separated by venue; so if you are able to master one, there are still other challenges that can be explored.  The fact is that Aeronauts is very similar to many fighting games on the market, but does give you different features that make it addicting.

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