Year's Best Games for iPhones

Year's Best Games for iPhones
This year's iPhone Life awards for the year's best games for iPhones feature one grand prize winner along with two of the best games in the following five game categories:
  1. Puzzlers
  2. Racing Games
  3. Strategic First-Person-Shooter/Role-Playing-Games
  4. Action/Adventure Games
  5. Board/Card Game

Best iOS Game of 2015:

Vainglory (Free)

Vainglory has gained recognition as the first true eSport on the mobile platform. It continues to receive accolades for its depth, intense gameplay, live battles, and high production values. This MOBA for touchscreens offers core gamers a truly incredible experience on the mobile platform. 

Best Action/Adventure:

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade (Free)

This on-rails shooter comes with stunning console-caliber graphics and simple, intuitive controls that work wonderfully on the mobile touchscreen. Packed with dramatic explosions and fast-paced mech-warfare, Warhammer Freeblade is a spectacular hybrid of the third-person-shooter and endless-runner genres.



Rayman Adventures (Free)

The latest in the blockbuster Rayman franchise is another side-scrolling, fast-paced romp through a whimsical (and sometimes ominous) universe where flying through the air, collecting "Incrediballs," and solving tricky riddles are all par for the course. With bright, animated graphics, this arcade-style platformer pays tribute to classics of old, such as Mario Brothers, while staying true to itself with its original and unique content.


Best Puzzlers:

The Room Three ($4.99)

The puzzles just get cooler and cooler in the third installment of this mystery problem-solver. If you enjoy a good 3D-puzzler with clever hints, and if you appreciate a good storyline, then The Room Three has a lot to offer you as it pits you against a creepy new nemesis known as the Craftsman. Whether you are exploring large, open areas, or looking for the tiniest clue in a locked box, paying attention to details and taking the time to explore are all part of the process in this challenging game of concentration, logic, and detection.

Monument Valley ($3.99)

Monument Valley is a trippy, visually mesmerizing game that gives a significant nod to the master of surreal geometric mind-benders, M.C. Escher. It's a game where seemingly unrelated 3D pathways have to magically connect in order for your character, Ida, the silent princess, to unfold the game's plot. Simple graphics, visual logic, and the suspension of disbelief all lend themselves to the charm of this game of illusions.


Best Racers:

AG Drive ($3.99)

This futuristic 3D racer takes place at a time when anti-gravity propulsion has become so commonplace that elite racing vehicles have been crafted to race at death-defying speeds over, under, and through the cities of future Earth. The graphics in this game are truly awesome, though unless you are spectating, chances are that you'll be paying more attention to the track ahead of you than the  fantastic visuals of the scenery around you.


SBK 15 (Free)

This high-octane racer puts you in the seat of one of the fastest vehicles a human can race; a certified FIM superbike capable of reaching speeds of well over 200 mph. SBK15 let's you race shoulder to shoulder with the real-life pros of the sport, and unlike many automobile racers where you have the physics and stability of 4 wheels in contact with the track, on a superbike, balance and timing become much more crucially significant as being able to properly modulate your throttle (on a vehicle that can accelerate at a blistering speed) makes the difference between safely cornering and braking and a catastrophic wipe out. If you like a challenge in your mobile racing experience and a game that can almost make you feel the wind buffeting against your helmet as you speed around beautifully rendered, realistic tracks, then SBK 15 is a game you'll definitely appreciate.

Best Strategic Role Playing Games/First Person Shooters:

Transistor ($9.99)

This Sci-Fi/Fantasy Role-Playing-Game combines elements of turn-based, tactical combat with third-person exploration as you fight to save the gorgeously rendered city of Cloudbank from mechanical goons. Transistor has you wielding a powerful weapon of mysterious origin that can be customized in practically endless ways to help you overcome a wide variety of foes. Strategic planning and fast-paced action blend together seamlessly with a haunting soundtrack to make Transistor a premium iOS gameplay experience.

Sniper: Fury (Free)

This game is definitely for mature audiences (17 and up), but if the popular genre of graphic, First-Person-Shooters are your thing, then you'll love this latest mobile masterpiece from Gameloft. In Sniper: Fury, your task sets you on a violent path as you carry out targeted assassinations to rid the world of high level evil-doers. With incredibly advanced 3D graphics, over 130 missions, and customizable weapons, Sniper: Fury has plenty to keep even the most devout FPS fans busy.

Best Boardgame/Card game:

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Free)

This virtual card game has a huge fan base of players who play often and with great passion. In Hearthstone you go into head-to-head battles with either a computer for practice, or with a human opponent for ranked play. The more you play the more you build out your own unique, customized deck and as you get better, so do your challengers. It's a card battler of great depth and replayabilty, with all new challenges, cards and adventures introduced regularly with each of Hearthstone's frequent updates.


Pandemic ($6.99)

Pandemic can be played as a solo campaign, or with up to four players in pass-and-play style. It stays true to the original, award-winning board game of the same name; and it's a fun game for the entire family, one that has you working as a team (unless of course you are playing solo) to fight four, simultaneously spreading, deadly diseases. As you take turns, new areas of the planet become infected and epidemics break out. It's up to you and your team to quickly and successfully eradicate all four diseases in time, in order to save the planet's inhabitants and win this easy-to-play, mobile board game.
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