Review: Archeer Bluetooth iPhone Microphone System

I am always on the lookout for creative new hardware applications that enhance the iOS experience. Therefore, when Archeer mentioned it had a product that allowed iOS devices to participate in a wireless microphone experience, I was intrigued. The Archeer VHF Bluetooth Microphone System Mini Portable Singing Mixer ($68.99) is a dual-microphone and receiver package that allows both the included mics and an iPhone or iPad to connect to the receiver over Bluetooth. Read on to find out how well the product delivers on this audio configuration.

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Setting up the system took only a few minutes, with most of the time spent looking for an externally powered speaker to connect to the receiver. While it would have been a more complete package had Archeer included one of its own external Bluetooth speakers in the package, I can appreciate the choice it made to lower the cost by allowing customers to attach their preferred powered amplification.

The receiver appears to the iPhone Bluetooth pairing screen just like any other Bluetooth speaker device. Once paired with the receiver, the iPhone's audio can play simultaneously while people are using either or both microphones. Output can be routed not only through a powered speaker via either the 3.5mm or 6.35mm audio output on the back of the receiver, but also into a more elaborate audio processing setup such as a stereo system or PC with recording software. Such a setup would be great for recording a presentation, musical production, an oratory event, or even a live audio podcast.

The overall quality of the microphones and receiver are what you would expect from a package at this price. Once powered up with the two AA batteries at the base of the mics, range from the receiver worked reliably for me up to 25 feet away. You have to remember to toggle the power switch on the mics off when done unless you have a vast supply of AA batteries to replace (or use rechargeable AA batteries).

Final Verdict

Ultimately, what makes the Archeer's microphone system such a compelling solution is its ability to deliver functionality that would cost professional solutions thousands of dollars more to implement. While it might not have all the features those high-end systems provide, the Archeer solution is a smart economic choice for small presentations, parties, and other events where having a low-cost, portable wireless mic setup will enhance the listening ease of those in attendance.

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