Tip of the Day: How to Quickly Invert Colors for iPhone Use in Low-Light Situations

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A few days ago I was on a late night stroll with my dog, when I received a text from my daughter that needed a reply. During the exchange that followed, I dictated my texts instead of attempting to type out a reply while walking or holding an energetic puppy still; but even so, I had to take a moment after sending each message to stop and let my eyes readjust to the darkness.

I could have gone in to my settings and selected Invert Colors, but I didn't feel like stopping and taking the time. "If only there were a way to quickly invert the colors of my screen," I thought as I squinted into the glare of my iPhone's screen.

It turns out there is a way:

You can create a triple-click shortcut to quickly invert the colors on your iPhone screen by going to Settings>General>Accessibility and tapping Accessibility Shortcut and selecting Invert Colors

Now whenever you need to use your iPhone in the dark and want to give your eyes a break, just triple click the Home button. To return your screen to normal, just triple click again.

Top image credit:  Mikhail Zahranichny/Shutterstock.com

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Sarah Kingsbury is the Senior Web Editor of iPhone Life magazine. Previously she wrote for savvyvegetarian.com and was the Associate Editor of the Iowa Source for many years.