Tip of the Day: Calculate Your Tip with Siri

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If you can't figure out a basic 20 percent tip at a restaurant (take 10 percent and add it to itself. Be generous and always round up) then you might want to revisit your elementary math skills. If you think tipping is optional then you need to revisit your basic being-a-decent-human-being skills and also, read this.

However there are times, such as at the end of a long dinner with a large group of friends, when figuring out a tip requires more advanced math skills or sobriety than you currently have. In these situations, Siri can do the math for you.

Need to figure out everyone's share of the tip? Ask Siri, "What's 18% of $74 divided by three people?"

Need to figure our your share of half the cost of a shared dessert, plus two glasses of the house white, plus your entree, plus your share of the birthday person's meal, plus a tip? Siri can add it all up for you.

Whether or not to split the check evenly or pay for individual meals? You'll have to work that out for yourself!


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Sarah Kingsbury is the Senior Web Editor of iPhone Life magazine. Previously she wrote for savvyvegetarian.com and was the Associate Editor of the Iowa Source for many years.