Alleged Specs for iPhone 6 Leaked

According to the website TechnoBuffalo, some recent posts via Twitter may have revealed more specs for the iPhone 6, which most people are expecting to arrive in September or October. The posts come from Sonny Dickson, who was the first to post bona fide leaked photos of the iPhone 5s and 5c last year. He says the forthcoming phone will be .22 inches thick, compared to .3 inches for the iPhone 5s. That's a significant difference. In addition, he says the phone will have an "Ultra Retina" display, at 389 pixels per inch compared to the current 326 for the iPhone 5s. That's full HD resolution. The A8 processor will be clocked at 2.6ghz, meaning that the iPhone 6 will see a speed bump even beyond that of the speedy 64-bit A7 processor in Apple's latest iOS devices.

As always, it's hard to know how accurate this is, and Dickson himself says, "These specs could be the real thing," acknowledging that they may not be. But they seem credible. Already other phones have a pixel density of over 400 ppi, so it's hard to imagine Apple wouldn't also have the iPhone 6 be in the same range. And Apple almost always makes its devices thinner, so that certainly seems reasonable, especially if they switch to an IGZO display.

Add to this the other rumored specs, and it feels like we're starting to get a fuller picture of this phone. The rumors are consistently suggesting a 4.7-inch display (compared to the 4-inch display of the iPhone 5s), and possibly also a sapphire crystal laminate on the display to make it virtually impossible to scratch.

TechnoBuffalo suggests the design of the new phone may be reminiscent of the iPad mini, but I wonder about that. AppleInsider reported recently, citing a Japanese website, that the iPhone 6 will take its design cues from the iPhone 5c and the seventh-generation iPod nano. The report suggests that the phone will have the same colored anodized aluminum of the nano, and will have the iPhone 5c's button shapes, rounded back edges, and holes on the bottom for speaker and microphone.

The report again says the display will be 4.7 inches, with a subsequent phone coming out that will be 5.7 inches.

AppleInsider has also reported recently, citing DigiTimes, that the yield rate of sapphire crystal at Apple's manufacturing facility in Arizona is too low, and may interfere with Apple's plans for using that material as a laminate on the  iPhone 6 display.

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