How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV

My colleague Jim Karpen has a great roundup of free Apple TV apps for watching free movies and TV shows. However, there is still no Amazon Video app for Apple TV. This is a shame because Amazon Prime is the gift that keeps on giving. Subscribers to Prime get a bunch of great benefits, starting with free two-day shipping on many items, and including free e-books, free music, and free videos. Amazon originals, like The Man in the High Castle and Transparent. are only available to Amazon Prime members. But that doesn't mean the answer to the question "Can I watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV?" is no. Here's how to stream Amazon Video on Apple TV.

Having no Apple TV Amazon app is a glaring absence. Apple recently launched cross-app voice search, using the Siri remote for Apple TV. This allows a user to say "play Star Trek" and the Apple TV will do the hard work of finding Star Trek movies and shows regardless of which app or service is required. You can still count the number of supported services on one hand, but eventually that will change. If a desired movie or show is on Amazon Video, the search feature won't find it. Until this changes, here is how you can watch Amazon Video on your Apple TV, including on the previous generation model.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV Using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

First, open the free Amazon Video app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. When you find the desired video, start playing. Next, look for the AirPlay logo or swipe up to access the Control Panel and find the AirPlay icon. Tap that to select your Apple TV and use AirPlay to send the audio and video stream. It's not perfect but it works. Amazon Video offers some clever enhancements like X-Ray, which lets you access information about the actors currently on screen, on your iOS device while the movie plays on the big screen. You can also enable or disable captioning, pause, rewind, fast forward, and even use the timeline to move back and forth in the video.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV Using a Mac

Navigate to the Amazon Video and use the Mac's Display Preferences to send the media to the Apple TV.

You could also use a Macintosh running the Safari browser and send the media via AirPlay. Another option is to use Apple's Digital Video adapter which basically converts the Lightning port to HDMI and provides a Lightning jack so you can charge your iOS device. You will need to provide an HDMI cable to connect to your TV. Amazon competes with Apple, not just in devices like the Kindle Fire versus the Apple iPad but in selling and streaming media. I usually am disappointed if I write an article and Apple releases a new product that makes it obsolete. But in this case, I'd rejoice. Until Apple and Amazon can work things out, this will have to do.

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