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Rumor: Complete overhaul of iPad and iPhone in 2012


Following a report in Digitimes, blogs repeated the rumor late yesterday that the iPad and iPhone will have a complete overhaul in 2012. The anonymous source: the guys in Asia who supply the parts. You can read a useful discussion on AppleInsider. According to the rumors, there are two iPads in development: one that comes in March that's a modest update, and one later that would be the iPad 3.

Game Review: Dark Meadow


I watched the promo videos for this game and decided it was something I really needed to try.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  At once this game is both intriguing and frustrating.  I feel like I’m spending too much time traipsing over the same hallways over and over again, yet every time I find a journal entry or news clipping I really want to know more about what’s going on.  I think this game is as much a product of its environment as anything, because I really don’t believe it would be nearly as much fun to explore if it didn’t look so good, yet it’s easy to lose a half hour or forty-five minutes wandering the hallways of Dark Meadow in the blink of an eye.

OlloClip Provides Novice Photographers Professional Shots



The iPhone 4S sports an eight megapixel, rear facing camera. It also has a two megapixel front facing camera. This allows the iPhone user the ability to take excellent photos directly from their iphone. By adding the eight megapixel rear facing camera many consumers will no longer carry an extra camera for photography.


Havoc iPhone App Review


Havoc is a simple game with top down graphics.  The concept is very simple; you choose one of three different monsters to play as your character.   Once you choose your character and level you are onto the game play.  For each level you are looking down on the monster who is walking straight down a path (Each level the path is different) and as you walk different items come towards you which you have to throw rocks at.  To throw rocks you just drag your finger from your monster toward the object which you want to hit.  You can pick up more rocks as they come across your path by simply tapping them.  Once you reach the end of the path you’ve completed the level and you get points based on how many targets you hit and accuracy.



The Incipio Delta iPhone 4 case is compatible with iPhone 4/S both Verizon and AT&T model. It is made of a high density polycarbonate and silicon material.  The Delta offers a great deal of protection for the iPhone 4. The Incipio Delta case is made of two layers of silicone type material. The first layer of protection that goes on the iPhone like a rubberized skin. Second, it has a exo-skeleton type material surrounding the entire device. The exo-skeleton simply snaps over the other skin covering to form great protection.  The two combined offer a great deal of support and protection for both the front and back of the iPhone 4.

Free ebook: iPhone 4S Starter Guide, from Macworld


If you're the lucky owner of an iPhone 4S, or are planning to get one, you'll want to download the free iPhone 4S Starter Guide from the iBookstore. Just released by Macworld, the book covers the basics, including the hardware, the gestures for navigating, and activating your phone, as well as various tips and tricks. It then goes on to cover the major features of the iPhone 4S, including Notification Center, Siri, and iCloud. Even if you don't have an iPhone 4S, but are running iOS 5, this book could be useful to you.

Reports of Native Gmail for iPhone


MG Siegler writes on parislemon.com that a native iOS app for Gmail may be just around the corner. As a die hard Gmail user this is great news to me.

I've been using Gmail from the very beginning when it was invite only. It turned my entire email experience upside down with 1GB storage, threaded conversations, and a rich interface accessible anywhere you had a browser and internet. I can't imagine ever going back to another email provider, either on the desktop or a webmail provider.

Xtand Go Review


Just like iPhone cases, there are a number of mobile device holders designed for cars. Whether these are elaborate gooseneck stands bolted to the car floor or the more prevalent suction cup stands stuck to the car's windshield, all promote the general idea of having your touch screen mobile phone within hand and eye sight. Since this is the primary function of these holders, what differentiates Just Mobile's Xtand Go from the rest of market? Read on to find out.

WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 10/31



Happy Halloween everyone!  And thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekend Giveaway this week. We have selected the winners of this weekend's Giveaway. We gave away 11 apps!

And the winners are...(drumroll please): Carroll Winans, Wilmer Ayala, Larry Martin, Gloria Bishop, Laura Friedrich, António Costa, Pedro Costa, Sharla Russell, Bonnie Rottstin, Mike Bassett, and Hector Constantzos!

Improve Cell Service with Wilson Sleek Signal Booster



The Wilson sleek signal booster is a simple and efficient way to improve your cell phone signal for any type of cell phone including the iPhone. It is as simple as plugging in the provided cables and putting your iPhone in a cradle while using. The Wilson sleek has been carefully engineered to improve the performance of the cell phone signal. Together with the outside antenna and the cradle the phone it improves disconnects and dropped calls.  The Wilson Sleek does not require any drilling or cutting of any holes in the automobile.

Everything iPhone - Apps, Accessories, Reviews, Wallpapers etc | iPhone Life Magazine

The iPhone has become a benchmark for all other smartphones to compete with.  Reviews on the cases, accessories, apps, wallpapers and more are located below.  Here are a couple of Articles that showcase what we have to offer.  For eaxample, iPhone 4S by Alex Cequea (iPhone Life Magazine Editor in Chief).

In that article, Alex says that the iPhone 4S has the exact same physical form factor as the iPhone 4. However, the insides are a whole different story, and Apple tried to make that very clear. The most notable improvements are the 8MP camera with 1080p video recording, the A5 dual-core processor (same as the iPad 2), and an improved battery life (8 hours of 3G talk time, 200 hours of standby). As far as the capabilities, the new Siri Assistant feature was the highlight of the show. The Siri Assistant recognizes natural language and can answer questions such as, "What's the temperature out today?" Combined with the phone's GPS, you can say something like, "Remind me to call my wife when I get to work." The Assistant will not only know who your "wife" is, it'll also know where "work" is and pop up a reminder to "call Marcy" when you get there."

Here's another great article, The Best iPhone 4 Cases. This article goes on to explain that like its iPhone predecessors, cases have become one of the most popular ways to accessorize your cell phone. Most cell phone consumers buy a case bundled with their new phone to protect it from day one. And who can blame them? Mobile devices have become hugely valuable and expensive items; you want to protect them the best way you can. There are literally hundreds of cases on the market. Let's examine the different options available on the market to help you choose the one that's right for you.

What to know how to create your own app?  "The first step in creating an app is to understand what you want to create and how you will measure its success. Make sure the idea is well vetted and there is a solid business case behind it. There are roughly 600 new apps submitted to Apple each day—what is going to differentiate your app from the thousands that are already available and being launched each week? Here are some questions you’ll want to ask when getting your app idea..."

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Apple's first ad for iPhone 4S highlights Siri; Also, more Siri humor

Apple's first ad for iPhone 4S highlights Siri; Also, more Siri humor