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One last round of rumors: iPad 3 may have textured screen; Apple TV 3 to remain $99


It's a bit late to be reporting rumors, given that in less than 2 hours we'll know the scoop. The wildest rumor is that the new iPad will use a technology that will let the screen feel as if it has textures. You can read more on Cult of Mac. There's speculation that the iPad 3/HD will have the new E-Sense technology that uses electrostatic fields to give the glass screen a feeling of texture depending on what you're looking at — providing a rough, rigid, or rounded feeling.

Apple Releases List: Most Popular Apps of All Time


Following Apple's announcement on March 3rd that the App Store had reached 25 billion downloads (yep, you read that number right!), Apple released a list of the 25 most popular apps of all time. Check out the 25 most downloaded free apps for iPhone and iPad here, courtesy of Huffington Post, and see a full list of the top 25 paid apps here.

Latest Rumors: "iPad HD"; 4G LTE expected; may be available March 16


Rumors are swirling, and today are complemented with a tease on Verizon's Wireless page that may be related to the iPad. It says "Something Is Coming" and invites you to submit your email address to be alerted to the latest news. Reuters is reporting that the new iPad will have 4G LTE — and that this high-speed data capability is a bet by Apple that you'll want to use your device to watch high-quality video without needing to be in the range of a WiFi hotspot.

WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 3-5


Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. We have selected the winners of this Giveaway. We gave away 5 apps!

And the winners are... (drumroll please): Raymond Gilbert, Claudio Ferri, Tynisha Pilone, Tom Seichter, and Jim Boughton!

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Preview of Wednesday's iPad 3 announcement; more evidence of similar form factor


Excitement is building for the March 7 announcement of the iPad 3. Of course, we don't know that it will be called "iPad 3." iMore has posted an excellent preview of the event, summarizing all the rumored features of this new device. Everything points to a high-resolution retina display, improved camera, faster processor, and high-speed LTE data. Their article even includes a summary of the expected features of iOS 5.1, which will be running on the device.

App Review: Help Purple - A Colorful, Creative Adventure for iOS


Gameday, Inc. has presented gamers with a brand new adventure game goody in the App Store.  Help Purple is a cleverly constructed magical problem solving adventure that is chock-full of charm.

More details on iPad 3: same configurations, same prices


I'm really looking forward to next week's announcement, though I'm guessing that the rampant rumors have already revealed a lot of the details. 9To5Mac reported yesterday that they've learned that the pricing will be the same, and that there will again be a choice between 16, 32, and 64 GB models. This is counter to a rumor that had circulating saying there would be a slight increase in price.

iHome iDM11: Review


The iHome iDM11 is one powerful cube.  It offers great sound quality at any volume level.  It connects very simple by using Bluetooth.  It can be used with any device, which has Bluetooth capability.  I have connected it to my iPhone 4S, ipad 2, ipod 4th gen, and Macbook Pro, and iMac 27 inch.  All these devices connected without any problems and added great sound quality to all of them.



IPEVO has developed one the more elegant folio style Bluetooth keyboards.  The Bluetooth folio style case is called Typi.  The Typi connects very easily through Bluetooth 2.0.  Simply slide the ipad in the Typi folio case and connect by typing the four digit code.  You will now be able to leave the heavy laptop behind on business trips or vacation.  The ipad can easily be transformed into a workhorse in conjunction with the Typi Bluetooth case.

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What's bigger than an iPhone, smaller than a MacBook, and the most anticipated Apple product since the original iPhone? On January 27, at a special invitation only event at the San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Steve Jobs announced Apple's new "magical, revolutionary product" -- the iPad. Meant to fill the gap between the laptop and phone, Jobs said it was "way better" than either. Let's take a look at it.

Thin, lightweight, and powerful

The iPad shares many hardware features with the iPhone, including an accelerometer, an orientation sensor to switch from portrait to landscape mode, solid-state memory, and the same 30-pin doc connector. Connectivity is also virtually the same, with wireless 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 EDR included on all models.

iPad runs iPhone apps!

The iPad will run a version of iPhone OS, and the new device can run virtually any app developed for the iPhone or iPod touch. Aps developed for the iPhone can run on the iPad in native resolution but is large enough to touch type on.

The larger screen not only makes familiar iPhone apps like Calendar, Mail, and Safari look stunning, it also provides screen real estate for more complex elements in the UI. For example, Calendar display a split-sreen view that describes the day's appointments on the left and shows you a color map of used time slots on the right. The split-screen view in Contacts displays you contacts list on the left and the full information for the contact you've selected on the right.

An ebook reader and more

Although not build into the iPad, Apple will offer a free app called iBooks, which will allow you to download and read books from it's new virtual bookstore. The new iBooks store will be accessed from and as easy to use as iTunes.

The ultimate media device?

The iPad is not the world's first tablet PC or the first eBook reader. Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, and others sell Windows-based tablets, and Amazon has had considerable success with it's Kindle. But Apple thinks the iPad will reinvent the category by offering a vastly superior multi-touch interface an easy access to a wide-variety of apps and media via iTunes. Aple hopes to make the iPad the ultimate media device by leveraging it's existing assets which include over 100 million paying iTunes customers, established relationships with music and video content providers, and over 100,000 iPhone OS app developers.