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There's never a shortage of Apple-related headlines these days! Here's a brief look at a few stories that have caught my attention and which I wanted to share with all of you!


Don't let the water stop you!



Review: Sprinkle Junior by Mediocre AB


I’ve actually had this game for quite some time, and I even considered reviewing it “on my own” at one point.  I finally got brave and let my son use my iPad (well, a screen protector contributed to that decision as well), and I’m glad I did.  While I found the game amusing, it was a delight to watch my son discover the quirkiness of each new level and figure out how to beat it.  The only down side to Sprinkle Junior is that there are only 30 levels, but that’s okay because my son has played through it twice already and is wanting to go back for more.

Microsoft announces new tablet, to compete head-to-head with iPad


As was rumored, Microsoft yesterday announced that it will be offering a new tablet computer called "Surface" sometime this fall. It's about the same thickness and weight as an iPad, and has a 10.6-inch screen compared to the iPad's 9.7. The aspect ratio is 16:9, making it ideal for movies, whereas the iPad's aspect ratio is 4:3. Key features are a built-in kickstand that props up the tablet, and a cover/keyboard that makes it like a laptop or ultrabook. No word on pricing.

WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 6-18


Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. We have selected the winners of this Giveaway. We gave away 25 apps!

FCC Calls For Re-Examination Of Cell Phone Radiation Emissions. [Breaking News]


We all take calculated risks. The adrenaline junkie takes a calculated risk when he or she BASE jumps or gracefully crosses a slackline high above the ground. The alcoholic or heroin junkie take calculated risks, namely that they won't die from liver cirrhosis or an inadvertent overdose. The junk-food junkie takes calculated risks with their diet, hoping that the genetically modified and highly processed foods don't catch up with them too soon.

5-minute video clip shows best new features of iOS 6


I’ve already posted a number of times about new features in iOS 6, but wanted to point you to CNET's useful short summary of some of the new features that give you insight into the next iPhone: Passbook, Facetime of the cell phone data network, Siri, turn-by-turn navigation, and Maps. But even better, CNET includes a 5-minute clip of Scott Forstall’s presentation that gets at the heart of iOS 6. Well worth watching.

Summer Travel Series: Great Gear And Apps For The Season!



Greetings my fellow travelers and adventures and welcome once again to my Summer Travel special series here at iPhone Life. In this installment I'd like to share with you one of my favorite apps for on the road and on the go adventures.


Rebel Magazine Review - A mag for the good guys!


Finding a men's magazine these days that isn't jammed with male enhancement ads, mostly naked people or similar junk is not exactly an easy thing. Rebel is different from other men's magazines--a decidedly encouraging thing. If you are more about doing something positive in the world, rather than sitting on your couch staring at well, junk, then Rebel might be for you. The mag's app is a well-executed mashup of interesting imagery, cleverly presented articles and linked content. For a peek at how a nicely executed magazine could look on your iPad, check out the rest of the review (or grab Rebel here).

Why Apple should implement 2-factor authentication!


Source: Google

If you are a Google user, you can make it much more difficult for an attacker to hijack your account by configuring and using 2-factor authentication now available (go here to learn more about this important feature). 2-factor authentication is a security validation process requiring you to present independent proof of identity before you can access an online resource--in this case, your GMail account. The idea is to better protect your account from intrusion by making the sign-in process in some way verifiably unique to your session. Read on to learn more about Google's very smart (providing an authenticator app for iOS) move to help users protect their accounts, and why Apple needs to quickly follow suit!

iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway 6/15


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What's bigger than an iPhone, smaller than a MacBook, and the most anticipated Apple product since the original iPhone? On January 27, at a special invitation only event at the San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Steve Jobs announced Apple's new "magical, revolutionary product" -- the iPad. Meant to fill the gap between the laptop and phone, Jobs said it was "way better" than either. Let's take a look at it.

Thin, lightweight, and powerful

The iPad shares many hardware features with the iPhone, including an accelerometer, an orientation sensor to switch from portrait to landscape mode, solid-state memory, and the same 30-pin doc connector. Connectivity is also virtually the same, with wireless 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 EDR included on all models.

iPad runs iPhone apps!

The iPad will run a version of iPhone OS, and the new device can run virtually any app developed for the iPhone or iPod touch. Aps developed for the iPhone can run on the iPad in native resolution but is large enough to touch type on.

The larger screen not only makes familiar iPhone apps like Calendar, Mail, and Safari look stunning, it also provides screen real estate for more complex elements in the UI. For example, Calendar display a split-sreen view that describes the day's appointments on the left and shows you a color map of used time slots on the right. The split-screen view in Contacts displays you contacts list on the left and the full information for the contact you've selected on the right.

An ebook reader and more

Although not build into the iPad, Apple will offer a free app called iBooks, which will allow you to download and read books from it's new virtual bookstore. The new iBooks store will be accessed from and as easy to use as iTunes.

The ultimate media device?

The iPad is not the world's first tablet PC or the first eBook reader. Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, and others sell Windows-based tablets, and Amazon has had considerable success with it's Kindle. But Apple thinks the iPad will reinvent the category by offering a vastly superior multi-touch interface an easy access to a wide-variety of apps and media via iTunes. Aple hopes to make the iPad the ultimate media device by leveraging it's existing assets which include over 100 million paying iTunes customers, established relationships with music and video content providers, and over 100,000 iPhone OS app developers.