Tip of the Day: How to Get the Definition of a Word in a Different Language

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Little do most people know, there are full dictionaries in languages other than English available on the iPhone. Whether you’re bilingual or enjoying learning about a language, it’s easy to add foreign-language dictionaries to your iPhone. Here’s how.

First, find a word you want to define. Tap and hold to highlight the word. The option to Define will pop up. Tap Define.


In the bottom left corner of the definition page is Manage. Tap Manage and the list of downloadable languages will appear. There are a lot of options; I chose French.


Now, when reading a page in French, tap and hold the word until Define pops up again. Tap Define. The meaning in English will be the first part of the Definition with the French dictionary entry below that.



Top Image Credit: blvdone / Shutterstock.com

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