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Tip of the Day: How to Dial Extensions on Your iPhone

Adding a contact's phone number to your iPhone is simple. But what about adding phone numbers with extensions? You could manually dial the extension after calling, but fortunately that's not necessary. Here's how to set up a contact's phone number so that your iPhone dials an extension automatically:

In your Phone app, click on Contacts and tap + to create a new contact.

After entering the first 10 digits of the phone number, tap the +*# button.

You will see a screen that looks like this:

Some phone systems let you dial the extension anytime after the call has been answered, while others require a longer wait. You should take this in to account when adding your contact's extension.

Tapping the Pause button and then typing the extension will add a comma before the extension and set your phone up to pause briefly after the call is answered before automatically dialing the extension.

Tapping the Wait button and then typing the extension will add a semi-colon before the extension and set your phone up to wait after the call is answered until you tap Dial [extension number]. 



Top image credit: Adam Radosavljevic/Shutterstock.com

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