How to Create Pro-Level Videos on iPhone Featuring the Storyographist

With each generation of iPhone, the camera gets better and better. However, that doesn’t do us much good if we don’t know how to take videos that look as good as the camera is. At iPhone Life, we know just about everything there is to know about how to use your iPhone; but when it comes to creating incredible videos, we wanted to work with someone who is an expert in the field. That’s why iPhone Life has partnered with award-winning videographer Cielo de la Paz (aka The Storyographist) to bring our Insiders her incredible course on how to make pro-level videos with your iPhone. This in-depth guide will walk you through everything you need in order to complete an incredible video, including low-budget equipment, the best apps for filming, types of shots and movements, and editing techniques. Easily one of the most exciting guides we’ve released for Insiders to date, this videography guide will show you how to create an incredible video with your iPhone. 

iPhone Videography Guide Overview

“Whether you want to become a YouTube star or simply take beautiful vacation videos, this iPhone Videography Guide will show you everything you need to know to start today.”

Get immediate access to the Videography Guide and many more in-depth guides and collections when you become an iPhone Life Insider. Cielo has made the process of learning how to create videos with your iPhone as easy as possible with her clear way of explaining things and by breaking the information down into bite-sized video lessons. We’ll go over the other benefits of an iPhone Life Insider subscription below, but first I’ll give you a preview of this course. In the video below, watch the Storyographist introduce the course herself, then read on to learn the other awesome videos you’ll find in this guide.

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As soon as you're a member, you can watch the complete guide, including a Q & A video with Cielo de la Paz and our Editor-in-Chief, Donna Cleveland. In the interview, Cielo will discuss how Apple included her photos and videos in their Shot on iPhone campaigns, launching her work into the public eye, including on billboards in major cities. Chances are you’ve seen her work without even realizing it! I highly recommend watching the interview if you’re nervous about starting your iPhone videography journey; Cielo does a wonderful job of reminding everyone that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or great technical skills to start making and editing videos that you can be proud of.

“Do the work, and good things will come.” -Cielo de la Paz, The Storyographist

What You’ll Learn:

  • Filming Gear - Everything You’ll Need
  • Best Apps for Filming
  • Native Camera App vs. Movie Pro for Filming
  • Tips Before Filming
  • Types of Shots
  • Types of Movements
  • Your Story Shot List
  • Organizing & Trimming Your Footage
  • How to Add Transitions Between Clips
  • Editing Your Audio
  • Adding Text & Photos
  • Recording Voiceovers & Using Filters
  • Course Summary & Parting Thoughts

Cielo de la Paz will walk you through each part in roughly 5-minute segments, which will allow you to learn at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed. I am personally super excited for you to try out this course; I think it’s the perfect partnership for our Insider audience. Whether you want to become a YouTube star or simply take beautiful vacation videos, this iPhone Videography guide will show you everything you need to know to start today.

If you enjoy this course from Cielo, we know you'll love the Storyographist's more advanced courses. Head to to be the first to get access to her upcoming advanced videography courses, including her Vlog with Your iPhone course and iPhone Pro Video Editing Masterclass.

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When you become an iPhone Life Insider, you’ll get immediate access to this incredible in-depth iPhone Videography course. But that’s only the beginning. In a couple months, iOS 11 will be released. We’re already working on an in-depth guide coming this September that will teach you all the ins-and-outs of Apple’s latest operating system. But let’s go over all the benefits you’ll have access to right away:

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