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Remember the game RISK? Now play it on the iPhone with Lux Touch


I remember playing RISK as a kid and always wanted to play on it on my TREO. Never did find a good version. Same with windows mobile. Finally, Lux Touch is just what I was looking for. The graphics are great, the interface for moving armies and attacking is easy and straight forward. To attack, you simply press on your target and hold down.  The longer you hold down, the more armies per turn are used to speed up game play.

Apptism -- a great site for finding and tracking applications

The App Store is a real breakthrough in the mobile world, making it easy to purchase and download applications. But it's not always easy to find what you're looking for or to track the latest reviews and developments related to applications that interest you. 

Thanks what makes the Apptism web site so powerful. It gives you the tools you need to find and track iPhone apps

Free wallpapers from Portable Themes


In our Best Sites page I list a number of sites that offer free wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod Touch. A new site that I heard about recently is PortableThemes, which has nearly 2,000 images that you can use as wallpapers.

InfoWorld's 10 iPhone Commandments


Infoworld created a fun, clever piece with its 10 commanments for iPhone users. The range from "Thou shalt look where you're going as you iPhone" to "Thou shalt not brag about the coolness of your apps"

Andriod G1 or iPhone? 7 Questions to help you decide


I was at the T-Mobile store checking out the G1. As I was experimenting, and comparing my iPhone next to the G1, someone came up and asked me; ’should I get this or the iPhone?’

Not a simple answer.

So clearly, time to post the list of questions to help people out:

1) How important is the phone ‘as a phone’ to you?  If you use it for business, I would get neither.  Instead, focus on which phone ‘and service’ that is most stable for your area.

Handmark Adds Astraware Sudoku to the App Store!


'KANSAS CITY, MO – Oct. 15, 2008 – Handmark® today announced the availability of Astraware Sudoku for iPhone™ and iPod® touch on the Apple App Store. Astraware Sudoku uses the power of the innovative Multi-Touch user interface to offer an experience optimized for iPhone and iPod touch users with gameplay suitable for all levels and abilities."

Noise while playing iphone in the car via the cigarette socket

I listen to quite a bit of AM radio when I drive. AM reception in my area is not very good and on long drives I lose my normal 24hr news station.  So I use the iphone as a digital radio. However, I get a bit of engine noise on my iphone when its plugged into the 12v socket. This is not uncommon, but annoying never the less. So in case you play your iphone or other mp3 player in the car while getting power from the cigarette socket; here are a few tips..

Wilson Signalboost Gives the Nudge I Needed


AT&T does not have the best signal in my area. To make matters worst my office is at the lowest point in town in a building with a metal roof and sides, in short a giant ferrier cage. Most of the time the signal is only strong enough to ring in.

Not So Stupid iPhone Tricks


With the release of the iPhone, users have always been trying to do more with this incredibly useful smartphone. As subsequent firmware has been released with new features and the curiosity of devoted follower’s has come a bevy of tips, tricks and hidden features. Here are some of the better ones.

Some of these tips and tricks are version specific and may require the latest firmware to work.


Review of Fitnio as an iPhone running computer


I’m not a runner and I’ve stopped my regular runs a few years ago. But a reader pointed out Fitnio to me, so I thought I would give it a shot on a run instead of biking as normal.

Whose Device Is It Anyway?

I arrive home to see my college age daughter parked in front of the 42" surround sound time sink. I am out of luck as the squatter has first dibs on the tube. I sit for a bit with my eye being pulled and repelled by some inane reality TV show. I get fed up and defiantly pull out my iPhone and fire up YouTube. I take a check of the "Most Viewed" function and settle into "Whose Line is it Anyway?".

My top free iPhone digital radio apps


I'm a news junkie.  I watch or listen to WAY more news then I should, but the news and especially politics is like a soap opera that you know is somewhat trashy, you just cant stop following. :) Anyway, when I drive, I normally listen to a 24hr AM news station.  Unfortunately, AM reception in the bay area is not always that great because of the hills. Solution? Use the iPhone as a digital radio!  So not only can I listen to my 24hr station anywhere/anytime (well, when I'm getting reception at least) but I can get NPR, CNN, BBC, Etc..  Sweet.

Free all-in-one IM software for the iPhone


Shape services has released the free iPhone version of their bestselling application IM+: All-in-One Messenger. This application allows you to chat within AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live˙ Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, and MySpaceIM between iPhones and PCs in realtime. 

New app from Dial Directions lets you do voice searches


Dial Directions has released a new iPhone app, called "Say Where," the first ever iPhone application to let users speak locations and business searches (instead of typing) to access popular websites for mapping, reviews and information.

New app lets you access free Task2Gather online service


Task2Gather is a free online service for task and project management that organizes your personal, family, social and business lives by keeping all your commitments in one place. Unique features include hierarchical structure of tasks, sharing separate tasks with different people, and the ability to discuss tasks directly within the service.

iPhone developer makes $250,000 in two months

This is great to see — the developer of popular iPhone game Trism made $250,000 in two months, according to an article in Wired's Gadget Lab blog. He stands to earn $2 million by July 2009 if the game continues to sell at this rate. These kinds of numbers are good for the iPhone industry, because they help spur more developers to jump in.

How to change your iPhone wallpaper

Wired has a great guide on how to change your iPhone wallpaper. Maybe such a task is simple and self-evident to you, but if not, this tutorial tells you everything you need to know, complete with screen shots. But it goes beyond the basics, showing you how to use as wallpaper your own photos that you've taken, as wall as showing you how to Photoshop your own wallpaper. (As an aside, this how-to is a wiki, meaning that anyone can change it or add to it.

New app lets iPhone users be journalists

TechCrunch reports that CBS News recently released Eyemobile for Eyephone, an application that lets you submit photo and video content via your phone to the company's new citizen journalism site. This trend toward citizen journalism is very interesting -- and a good example of the participatory nature of Web 2.0. I think it's only going to grow.

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