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Google image search for iPhone, iPod Touch


AppCraver had a short article late last week noting that Google had just launched a new image search results page for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you view up to 20 images on a results page. The new offering also includes search-by-style filters, which let you limit the results to faces, clip art, line drawings, and photos.

Webster's Unabridged now available for iPhone


It's a sign of the times: yet another venerable reference work making its way to your palm. In this case, it's Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. It's not cheap, at $59.95, but if you're going to spend the money on this 2,662-page, 12.5-lb reference work, why not opt for a 36MB iPhone app?

Lifelong Learning and Concatenating audio files


 If you love to learn, have I got a URL for you! The Teaching Company gathers top university professors from around the country. These great teachers lecture on topics ranging from Quantum Mechanics to Biblical Wisdom to the History of Ancient Egypt to the Fundamentals of Music to Building Great Sentences and so much more. There are both audio and video courses, many of which are on sale throughout the year.

iPhone 3.0 announced, includes copy/paste, MMS, push e-mail, more

Today apple gave developers a preview of iPhone OS 3.0, which will be available this summer and which will work on the iPhone 3G as well as the original iPhone. The new features include the long-awaited copy and paste function, multimedia messaging (MMS) for including photos and voice recordings in text messages, system-wide search via Spotlight, and push e-mail, which means that e-mail automatically downloads to your iPhone as it arrives on the server. CNet has a useful overview these features and more. And MacWorld also has a short article.

Use iPhone as a remote for Boxee


I love Boxee. It aggregates streaming movies, TV, and other videos from around the Internet into one simple interface on your desktop computer that you navigate with your remote. It's been my replacement for cable TV. It was initially available only on the Mac, but I believe a Windows version is now available. So today's news is that now, via the free Boxee Remote app, you can use your iPhone as a remote with Boxee rather than the bare-bones remote that comes with the Mac. 

Macworld's iPhone Superguide, Second Edition


A new edition of the Macworld iPhone Superguide is now available. You can read more about it on the Macworld site, and see the range of formats available on this page. In short, the printed book is $19.95, and the cost is $12.95 for the book as a downloadable PDF or on CD-ROM. The prices listed include shipping and handling for the printed and CD-ROM versions. You can also download a free 19-page sample PDF from the book.

Watch NCAA tournament on your iPhone


CBS Sports March Madness On Demand is a $5 app that will let you watch the NCAA tournament basketball games on your iPhone -- but only via Wi-Fi. If you're limited to 3G and Edge, then you can get audio. For those addicted to March Madness, this is just the ticket. An article on Yahoo talks about this app and another one appearing this week: NCAA Highlights, which offers archival footage of past NCAA tournaments. It works over both Wi-Fi and 3G connections.

Free apps let you speak your requests


Metaphor Solutions has released three free apps that let you interact with your phone by speaking rather than tapping. SayNCall VoiceDialer lets you call someone just by speaking his or her name, company name, or phone number.

iTunes 8.1 released, plus new App Store review system

 Apple just released (within the past half hour) iTunes 8.1 and it seems to be "zippier".

They also have a new system for App Store reviews, where you can filter reviews by a particular version.

The primary enhancements for iTunes 8.1 relate to the new iPod Shuffle, introduced today, but there are quite a few other new features.  Here's the Readme:



What's new in iTunes 8.1

Free app offers cures for 100 health conditions


Natural Cures  is a free app launched by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., and nutritionist Laurie Teitelbaum. It presents over 100 health conditions and offers the best treatments from both conventional and complementary medicine, backed by thousands of research studies. Other features include a weekly update and health news and research related to comprehensive medicine, a Nutrition Primer, advice on how to find board-certified integration physicians in your area, and more.

Mission iPossible: Scouring the iTunes App Store and Bringing You The Best Of What We Find.


Hi, everyone.  Welcome to my new space here at iPhone Life.  I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know what I am hoping to do in this space.  

Free app for celebrity news


Access2Go is a free app from NBC Universal that brings its entertainment news show, Access Hollywood, to your iPhone. You can navigate through images to select items of interest, or you can filter the content by specific celebrities, films, topics, etc. Interactive features include voting in daily entertainment polls.

Hellfire Review


Hellfire by Astraware and Pazzazz games will take you back to the cold war era, when the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. were locked into an escalation of military might. The top helicopter gunships of the day were the Mi-24 Hind (Soviet) and AH-64 Apache (American), and just about anyone from that era is familiar with the ferocious firepower of these helicopters. The Hind has a longer history and more varied operational capability than the AH-64, so it's not exactly a fair comparison.

Guide to all 33 Twitter apps

Twitter just keeps getting more and more popular. And now the reaction has begun. Doonesbury has been trashing it all week (beginning with the March 2 strip), and in the current issue of Time, Lev Grossman writes about how he gave up Twitter. If you're addicted to Twitter, iLounge has posted a guide to all 33 Twitter apps

25,000 apps and counting -- more than available for MS Windows Mobile

Fortune is reporting that the App Store has now reached 25,000 apps — which is astounding, given that the store opened last July. By comparison, there are an estimated 20,000 apps for the Windows Mobile platform, which has been around for 10 years. And the Windows Mobile apps are scattered among a variety of stores. Interestingly, the App Store may have some competition.

MouthOff — Another what-will-they-think-of-next app


Yet one more novel iPhone app that doesn't serve much purpose — but will likely be a success because of its novelty and creativity. When you use MouthOff, a large mouth appears on the screen. As you speak, the mouth moves. Of course, you have your choice of a variety of mouths. The idea is to hold it in front of your face, and then speak or sing or laugh or shout or scream.

NPR on the iPhone using PublicRadio and NPR Mobile


I have been a iphone radio user (my list of radio apps) since AOL radio first came out.  I tend to use the digital radio just as often as I use the iPod feature. Missing however was public radio from AOL.  Well, that has been sorted.  Now, NPR Mobile has been out for a bit, but it lacked live streaming.

Kindle for iPhone


The big news today is that Amazon has released a free app for reading the 240,00 ebooks sold in its Kindle ebook store. Kindle for iPhone already had hundreds of reviews by mid-day, with most of them giving four or five stars. One of the nicest features is that when you buy a book, it remembers where you left off reading.

CBS offers free streaming TV on the iPhone


CBS Interactive is a free app that AppleInsider says is the first iPhone app in the U.S. to provide free streaming TV content directly from a studio.

How to put your iPhone in recovery mode

The IPhone Blog has a how-to telling the steps you need to go through if your iPhone becomes completely non-responsive. It entails powering off your iPhone and then pressing and holding the home button while you connect via USB. They also have a post telling how to force quite applications.

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