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Unleash Your Inner App Developer Part 4: Adding Navigation


Do you have an idea for an app but lack the programming knowledge to begin building it? In this weekly blog series, How To Unleash Your Inner App Developer, I will take you, the non-programmer, step by step through the process of creating apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Join me each week on this adventure, and you will experience how fun turning your ideas into reality can be! This is Part 4 of the blog series. If you're just getting started now, check out the beginning of the series here (This post has been updated to iOS 8, Xcode 6 and Swift.)

In my previous post, we finished up the main screen of the iAppsReview iPhone app. In the process, you learned how to configure a table view, how to add images to a project, and how to use them as launch images as well as in the rows of a table view. 

Tip of the Day: How to Save an Individual Photo from Your Burst Images


If you stumble across a once-in-a-lifetime shot and want to be certain you have plenty of images to choose from, or even if you’re trying to capture a picture of your energetic child or pet, then you’ll love the Burst Mode feature in your Camera app.

Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Win an iPad Air 2!


Did Santa forget to leave an iPad under the tree for you? Don't be sad; at iPhoneLife.com we love giving stuff away, and this time we're giving away a new 16 GB iPad Air 2 with Touch ID, A8X Processor, and Retina Display! So if you haven't entered the contest yet, hurry up and do it now! The contest ends in only two days on January 10! 

CES 2015: ReST Bed Shows Off Amazing Sleep Tech


A bed with sensors that automatically adjust to your position while you sleep (and retails from between $7499-$9499 depending on mattress size) sounds a bit like a luxury science-fiction story, but it is a real technology on display this year at CES 2015. The ReST smart bed indeed alters the pressure areas from inside the mattress based on your movements and they even throw in an Android tablet (iOS app also available) that monitors and reports on your sleep activity. 

CES 2015: Anker ZOLO Portable Power Innovation!


If you know portable power, then you know Anker is a trusted source for affordable, reliable, and efficient portable power accessories. At CES 2015, we were able to get the rundown on the latest and greatest charging and ZOLO portable battery packs ($29.99–$59.99 MSRP), and even learn a little about PowerIQ: The excellent technology that speeds charge cycles to any device...

Leef Now Offering Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad


Users of Android devices have long had the option of using external memory to expand storage on other devices, and now that option has come to the iPhone and iPad. The iBridge Mobile Memory, made by Leef, is a thumb drive that plugs into the Lightning port and offers up to 256 GB of storage. As can be seen in the photo, the iBridge conveniently curls around the back of your device. It has a Lightning connector on one end and a USB connector on the other so that you can also connect it to your desktop computer. Prices range from $59.99 for 16 GB to $399.99 for 256 GB. 

CES 2015: New Power Cases and Accessories from TYLT


CES is a great showcase to find anything for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and TYLT is aiming to meet the demand for extended battery protection with their newest ENERGI cases. That's not all we found on display at their booth however. Read on for the full skinny on what these power pro specialists are featuring in 2015!

CES 2015: Headphone Bliss at Showstoppers!


ShowStoppers at the 2015 CES was awash in great tech products and featured two noteworthy headphone vendors that we were able to demo at the show. The excellent Sennheiser announced at least two new models, and Cleer had several of their DJ-oriented models on display. Read on for the full report.

Tip of the Day: How to Create Events and Send Invites with the Calendar App


Getting people together for an event is easier than ever with today's technology, but sometimes it's easy to get lost in a sea of text messages between you and a group of others. To get everyone on the same page about an event you're planning, why not create an event and invite your guests in a more unified manner?

STM Harbour Bends Over Backwards to Accommodate Your Dock or Cable


Too many iPhone cases, especially the rugged kind, obstruct the Lightning port and make it impossible to simply dock your phone. STM has gotten around this with their Harbour case in a clever way. First, the case has a wider opening around the Lightning dock than most cases do. I was able to dock my iPhone 6 in the STM Harbour case in several different docks that usually give me trouble with other cases.

Review: The Glimpse App and Widget


Do you find yourself heading back to the same websites over and over again, especially those which update often? 

Arno Appenzeller has developed a new new app called Glimpse ($2.99) that let's you see all your favorite websites in one quick glance. Once you download the app, you can add web pages into it that will then show up as a widget in your Today view, located in your Notification Center. 

Apple Watch Rumored for March


Much is known about the Apple Watch — except for the date of its arrival. And we'll likely be seeing many rumors in that regard. On Tuesday 9To5Mac passed along the rumor that the Apple Watch will go on sale in March, with staff training scheduled for mid-February. Citing sources familiar with the Apple Watch's development, 9To5Mac said that representatives from Apple Stores across the US will be sent for training Feb 916 to familiarize them with the new watch. Prior to the release, these employees will then train other Apple Store personnel. At least that's the plan. Apple itself probably hasn't yet pinned down a date when it will go on sale, since it all depends on how smoothly production goes.

Dish, Not Apple, Disrupts Cable Industry with New $20 Streaming TV Service


Despite Apple's best efforts to line up a streaming TV offering and disrupt the cable TV industry, Dish has succeeded where Apple has failed, announcing their new Sling TV service that will cost $20 per month. Their bundle of 12 channels will initially include ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, TBS, TNT, Disney Channel, ABC Family, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network. More are expected to be added. Plus, for $10 per month one can purchase add-on packages of special-interest channels, such as news and children's programming. This is the sort of low-cost, à la carte offering that many had been hoping for. The web-based service can be streamed to one's computer, smart TV, and mobile devices. There's no contract, no installation fee, no special equipment, and no credit check.

Tip of the Day: Spotlight in iOS 8 Offers Movie Info, Web Search, Wikipedia, Maps, and More


Spotlight has long been a great feature of iOS, and is especially useful at helping you find apps that are buried away in a folder on your device. Since iOS 7 you invoke this handy search tool by simply swiping down on any home screen. (But keep in mind that if you swipe down from the very top of the display you'll get Notification Center instead.) In iOS 8, introduced last fall, Apple greatly expanded what Spotlight can do. In addition to finding apps and text strings in apps such as Mail and Notes, it also now searches the web, searches Wikipedia, finds related apps in the App Store, finds related movies, and even brings up results in Maps if you search on a location.

Apple Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 6, 6 Plus


Apple began selling unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models on Tuesday that can be used with carriers around the world, as well as with with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint in the U.S. An unlocked iPhone 6 with 16GB costs $649 and 6 Plus $749. Apple had already been selling an unlocked model, but it came with a T-Mobile SIM card. 

Wizard Golf: Become a Scratch Level Sorcerer!


Wizard Golf (free) is the most bizarre, yet weirdly addictive game you are likely to find in the App Store. Featuring retro dungeon-crawler-style graphics, this hybrid golf-strategy game is a keeper, if only for the right to say (when people ask), "I'm playing Wizard Golf!"

Jabra Stealth: A Bluetooth Headset with Big Features in a Tiny Package


Jabra has been at the forefront of noise cancelling Bluetooth headsets since the early days of the iPhone. Their most recent headset, the Jabra Stealth, is the culmination of years of experience in a remarkably tiny, comfortable earpiece. I don't normally like Bluetooth headsets because they interfere with my glasses or are uncomfortable inside my ear.

Deciding Which Essential Accessories to Buy for Your New iPhone


You just bought a new iPhone, or better, received one as a holiday gift. It comes in a perfectly wrappable white box, complete with headphone, a charger and a cable for charging and data interchange. It even comes with a bit of iCloud storage for backups and file access.

What more could you want?

How I Crafted My Own iPhone 6 Case Solution Just in time for CES


Unlike the early days of Apple iOS hardware, finding cases for newly released Apple hardware has become relatively easy, especially when you compare it to the availability of the devices themselves. Within a few days of receiving my iPhone 6, a couple of manufacturers sent me samples. With CES coming up, I’m sure I will see and experience a wide variety of cases within the next few weeks, some variations on existing themes in larger sizes, and others, inspired by Apple’s venture into largess, that are new innovations.

So far I have spent time creating my own innovative solutions, as I mixed and matched cases from multiple sources.

Tip of the Day: How to Display and Hide Birthdays in the Calendar App


Birthdays are a great thing to celebrate with those you care about. If you have someone's birthday saved with their contact information, the Calendar app will automatically create an all-day event for that date. However, with Facebook event integration now built-in to the Contacts and Calendar apps, you might be seeing more birthdays than you'd like to. Fortunately, hiding birthdays from your calendar is a simple process.

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