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Wilson 801240 SignalBoost Mobile Professional Kits: Review

The Wilson booster will increase cell signal in any location. I personally live in a very mountainous area. The mountains decrease the amount of cell service from all locations where I live. Since, I have been using the Wilson booster my cell service as increase 200 percent. The increase in cell service with the booster is phenomenal. I am now able to make calls in locations with my cell phone where no one has been able to make a call. I don't have to be bothered with dropped phone calls anymore. It has really made my cell service completely different. Before I started using the Wilson amplifier, I could only get signal from a few locations.   Now I am able to talk on my cell phone in my home from any room. The booster is very simple and fast to install.  It only has a couple cables to fasten to the booster and antenna.

  They advertise the service to be 12 times the original cell service.  I can personally say it has increased my service more than twelve times.  If you live in a location where you have no cell service.  This will increase the cell service no problem.   The Wilson cell phone booster is definitely worth the money.

  It’s a plug n play system.  It’s very simple to use and install.  Installation will only take about five minutes in either location for the home or car.  I can say first hand if you have low service or no service this is the answer to the problem.  The booster can be purchased for $209 at www.wilsonamplifierstore.com.  This product is worth the extra money, hands down.  Feel free to leave a comment.



Mitch Stevens





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