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iPhone 3G S and OS 3.0
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iView: Inspired by the Apple Keynote
Exciting future: "Smart" accessories for the iPhone
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WOW! Apple's New iPhone 3G S
The “fastest, most powerful iPhone yet” runs the iPhone OS 3.0 and features video recording, voice control, up to 32 GB of storage, and a lot more.
Welcome to iPhone OS3.0
Apple introduces the 3rd version of its revolutionary mobile OS at WWDC. Upgrades will be free to iPhone users and $9.95 for iPod touch owners.


Using iTunes to Put Photos on Your iPhone
Syncing photos between your iPhone and your desktop computer
iTunes...Your Personal Music Library
Ripping CDs; Syncing content; Organizing music into playlists; more.


Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!
These iPhone apps help you find fresh food and quit smoking.
eBooks on the iPhone
Why I will never buy another hardback book again.
Google Reader, the Undisputed RSS Champ
Although Google Reader is the champ, there are other RSS readers
The iPhone in the Humanities and Arts
Inexpensive apps available for language studies, philosophy, the arts, and more.
Best Reference Apps Money Can Buy
A quick look at 9 of the best reference apps available
Combat Action for your iPhone or Touch!
Reviews of Brothers in Arms, Hellfire, and Armageddon Squadron.
Great Games to Entertain a 5-Year Old
The right game can entertain your child and develop his or her mind
Winning and Losing Virtual Fortunes on the iPhone
Reviews of Texas Hold 'Em, Virtual Pool, and Image Poket Touch


CTIA 2009: Quality, Not Quantity
CTIA 2009 had fewer vendors on the show floor, but plenty of quality accessories and apps were on display.
Which Earphones Are Right For You?
Reviews of high-end consumer earphones
Battle of the Stands: Xtand vs. Podium
Xtand vs. Podium


Great Internet-Based Apps
Amazon’s new Kindle app, Skype for iPhone, and more.


Backpacking through Africa
Cellular networks were widespread in northwest Africa, but data service was harder to find.
Still Hot for the iPhone!
Many, but not all celebrities love the iPhone; favorite free apps; more.
Making BuyMeAniPhone.com Work
How the founder and senior editor use their iPhones >to maintain their award-winning iPhone site.
Busy Web Product Manager Creates Time for Home Life


iPhone OS 3.0 for IT
What does the new release mean for the enterprise?
10 Apps to Make Business Better
These apps can empower your mobile workforce
A "Must" for the 21st Century Soldier
New apps are turning the iPod touch into a must-have accessory for the modern war fighter.


iPhone OS 3.0 for Developers
What do the 1,000 new APIs mean for future apps?
The Idea Comes First!
Original ideas are more likely to succeed in the App Store
How to Profit from Your iPhone App Idea
Determine if your idea is good and find a developer to help you create your app.
Facebook Expands Its iPhone Presence
How will Facebook Connect affect the end user and the developer?
Rise of the iBrand
Using the App Store for product promotion.
iPhone Development Books
Want to write the next killer app for the iPhone? Build a library of the best reference books available!
"Flow": the iPhone Experience that Sells
Apps that involve the user are successful; the key is the experience of "Flow".