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Spring 2009

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Keith’s Law: Fix up what you already have!
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iOS Devices

iPod touch 2G
Apple’s second generation Touch is sleek, slightly smaller, and sports a variety of new features.
A Low-Cost iPhone Nano?
Google Android vs.iPhone 3G
A head-to-head comparison of T-Mobile’s new Android OS-based smartphone with Apple’s latest iPhone
No Buttons=Greater Adaptability
Make the World's Best Phone Even Better
Improve wireless syncing, enable A2DP Bluetooth, improve video output


4 Tips to Reduce Dropped Calls


Buy Books Ready For Listening
Buy books through Audible.com and listen to them on your iPhone


News, Sports, Weather for Free
Free apps let you download all the news you need
Free Internet Radio Apps for the iPhone
AOL Radio, Pandora, iHeart, Last FM, and other free apps let you listen to Internet Radio
Gaming Now.., and Where It's Going
Great puzzle, board, 3D sims, card game appss point to the future of iPhone gaming
What it takes to make Great Games!
Behind the scenes with David Crane, developer of Atari, Activision, and most recently iPhone games
A Musician's Best Friend
More than just for playing tunes
UI Does Matter!
Designers need to make all aspects of the UI easy to understand & use


Consumer Electronics Show Report CES Las Vegas, January 2009
Plenty of news and new products were on display at CES '09
Mobile World Congress 2009 iPhone, TV broadcasts, new multiplatform games
iPhone games, Web apps, streaming video, and more
USB Accessories Improve iPhone Experience
Display the iPhone on your TV; power devices four at a time
Best Accessories on My Desk
New Products Editor highlights favorite accessories
Overcoming Those Battery Life Blues
Third-party portable batteries extend the usability of the iPhone.


Fast, Easy Ways to Access Web Content
Web Content


iPhone Celebrity Update
Lose Weight with the iPhone
Power up your iphone and lose some Pounds!
A Portable Biking Computer
Using iPhone’s GPS for more than just maps
The Smartest Phone on the Planet!
My iPhone experience rapidly became a succession of firsts
Dealmaker’s iPhone Much More Than a Mobile Phone (or Cell Phone)
Switching over to the iPhone opens up a new world of efficiency, information, and enjoyment.
Switching from Palm to iPhone
Settling into a new relationship
Taking the Apple plunge
Switching from a PC to a Mac, and becoming an iPhone application developer


Improve Productivity with iPhone's many Business Apps
Apps that make the iPhone more appealing to business users
Creating a Number One iTunes App: Two Success Stories
Small, independent software developers face challenges getting their apps noticed
Adopting the iPhone in the Enterprise
What Apple needs to do to increase deployment
Time Tracking on the iPhone with Tick
Tick's mobile app makes project manager's job easier
eLearning with the iPhone
University professor uses iPhone for classroom presentations and distance learning
Lotus Notes on the iPhone
Lotus brings the “other” Enterprise Messaging System (EMS) to Apple’s Mobile Devices
Robust and Affordable Medical Apps
Three iPhone apps to help medical professionals care for their patients and keep costs down

Regular Departments

iView: The iPhone’s Remarkable Rise to the Top
In only two years, the iPhone has emerged as an industry standard for smartphones