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Fall 2009

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Volume 1 Issue 4

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Recent iPhone and iPod Touch news

iOS Devices

iPhone 3GS: A Killer of "Killer Devices!"
Replaces camera, camcorder, GPS and radio!
The iPhone Brings Change to Japan
The iPhone's introduction and success in Japan is ushering in a new era of mobile services
iPhone Video....Tools and Techniques
Recording and trimming videos; apps that make sharing videos easier


Tips for iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0


Getting the Most Out of iTunes
Use these desktop add-ons to automatically download cover art and lyrics


Turning the iPhone into a Mobile Office
Mobile Office Suite and Documents To Go let you view, edit, and create documents wherever you are
Great Apps you Should be using, but probably Aren't!
In a sea of apps, these should be on your radar
Twitter on the iPhone
Which Twitter app is best for you?
Social Networking on the iPhone
Myspace Mobile, Facebook, LinkedIn, Fresh Feed, and Personal Assistant—all on the iPhone
IM on the iPhone
The features you should look for in an instant messaging app
Apps for Successful Students
Stay organized, take notes, improve your Spanish, and more
Free Entertainment Apps!
Stream music, find movies and games, and stay on top of entertainment news
Have a Blast Playing These Recent App Store Standouts!
These games, recently added to the App Store, are a blast to play.
Hidden Game Gems
Some great games get lost in the crowded App Store.
10 Top Puzzle Games!
These games are rewarding, stimulation, and addictive
Score with These Must-Have Soccer Apps!
Apps for soccer players, coaches, and fans!


Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headsets, Headphones, and Speakers for the iPhone
Bluetooth Headsets, Headphones, and Speakers
Protect Your iPhone!
Screen protectors, cases, and stands prevent damage and protect your investment.


Free from Yahoo, Amazon, and ESPN
Major corporations release free apps that make it easy to access their content
Make Web Browsing Easier
New Safari features and iCab Mobile make browsing easier on your iPhone or iPod touch


Born to be Wild... About My iPhone!
The iPhone and third-party apps come in handy when you hit the road—on a motorcycle.
A Busy Baby Boomer's Life
A day in the life of a very busy baby boomer—and the apps that help her get things done.
Traveling with your iPhone

These apps make business trips or vacations easier and a lot more fun!

Apps and Accessories Fit For a Female
Make shopping eaiser; organize your wardrobe; avoid laundry accidents; and more.
The Death of the Dinosaur
How my world changed when I got an iPhone
Children with Special Needs
The built-in capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch can help special needs children and their parents
Creating a Best Selling App
An interview with 11-year-old app developer Owen Voorhees.
An iPhone Survival Kit
These iPhone apps and accessories will help you survive major or minor natural disasters


The Best iPhone IT Administrator Utilities
Manage Your Network with iPhone!
"Kraft"ing a Corporate Mobile Presence
The iPhone helps Kraft Foods improve internal communications and enhance its relationship with its customers
iPhone 3GS: Headache or Cure for the IT Department?
Creating a HIPAA-compliant IT solution
Integrating the iPhone into Your Online Marketing Strategy


The App Store -- One Year Later
The App Store’s phenomenal growth makes it difficult for developers to get their apps noticed
Naming and Pricing your App
Create a stand-out icon; make good use of your Web site; find the right price; more.

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25 Years Chronicling Big Companies and their Small Computers
The HP Palmtop, Microsoft Pocket PC and Apple iPhone