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TaskOne iPhone Case - A Swiss Army Knife For Your Phone

When I received TaskLab's TaskOne iPhone case ($99.95) to review, my 15-year-old son grabbed it and immediately declared it the "coolest case ever!"

I have to agree. The TaskOne case, not only protects your phone, but transforms it into a multi-tool. Think Swiss Army Knife for your iPhone.

The case contains 22 stainless-steel tools inside a slim case. Here's what's included: a 2.5-inch knife, 1.8-inch saw blade, small and large flathead screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, pliers with integrated box wrenches, spoke wrenches, wire cutters, 6 metric Allen wrenches, wire stripper, bottle opener, ruler, and kickstands. Note: the knife is removable so you can still take the TaskOne case with you on a plane.

The tools are extended by low-profile buttons on the back of the case and are automatically fixed in the extended position during use.

After my son used the case for a week with his iPhone 4, it still kept its "cool" status; but my son said that if you actually had to use the knife to saw something, the shavings could fall into the hole where you plug in your headphones.

I think the TaskOne case is a great idea for those who haven't paid hundreds of dollars for a phone (although, the case itself is pretty pricey.)

I'm positive that whenever I get my new, champagne-colored iPhone 5S, there's no way I'll be using it to saw something.

But maybe you could snap this on your older iPhone before a weekend hike, just to be safe. 

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