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New photos of iPad mini surface; also iPad mini compared to iPhone 5

New images of the iPad mini have surfaced on the French website nowhereelse.fr. Feast your eyes on these pictures of what appears to be a fully assembled, fully functional iPad mini.
 iPad mini      iPad mini iPad mini      iPad mini      iPad mini     

Read on and you will see in the following images, early pre-production cases for the iPhone 5, the iPod mini and the current generation iPad, alongside the current generation iPhone 4S. The infographic gives a good sense of the relative sizes of the various devices by using two devices most of us are quite familiar with, to represent the sizes of the two devices we’ve never seen.
 iPad mini and iPhone 5
In the foreground, we see the iPhone 4S, with it's 3.5 diagonal screen, 960 x 640 pixel density and  3:2 aspect ratio. The 4S sits inside of a prototype iPhone 5 case. The iPhone 5 will likely sport a 4” diagonal screen, 1136 x 640 pixel density and a 16:9 aspect ratio. So there's the iPhone within the iPhone, which, like Russian "babushka" dolls, sit within an iPad mini’s case. The upcoming iPad mini is expected to have a 7.85" screen and, while it will likely have thinner side bezels than its larger cousin, it will retain the same 1024 x 768 pixel density and 4:3 aspect ratio. Finally, behind the iPad mini is a shell case for the current generation iPad with it 9.7” diagonal display.
 iPad mini and iPhone 5
In fact and of course, all of this at this point is only educated guessing and speculation, based on rumors and product leaks from Foxconn factories in China. The iPhone 5 is set to be launced on Wednesday September 12, at which point we can finally all see the official device for ourselves. The iPad mini due to debut shortly thereafter, possibly as early as mid-October. Stay tuned!
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