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Infinity Blade: Dungeons. "Before the legendary blade was forged..."

"Before the legendary blade was forged..."




If you don't already know, the iOS Infinity Blade saga is about to get a prequel. Introducing Infinity Blade: Dungeons. And what a prequel it will be! Due to be released any day now, and first premiered at the unveiling of the new iPad in March 2012, Infinity Blade: Dungeons demonstrates Epic Games' ability to once again steal the show! As with both Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II, they continue to "Wow!" us all with high-quality, console-caliber Retina graphics, a well crafted storyline and superior, interactive, touchscreen gameplay.


Get ready to immerse yourself yet again in the world of Infinity Blade. This time though, you will find yourself millennia in the post-apocalyptic future, yet long before the Infinity Blade I story line picks up. However, in a huge change of style, instead of close-quarter combat viewed from behind your character, now you have a bird's-eye view, as you claw and scrabble your way through deadly dungeons and firery labyrinths, each with their own epic battles, challenges and plot-driven goals.  Your ultimate quest this time around; to forge the formidable and magical Infinity Blade.


Prepare yourself for battles galore as you fight for virtual survival, craft your weapons and experience yet another layer to the already intricate and in-depth Infinity Blade universe. Also, if you haven't already read it, the novel Infinity Blade: Awakening, by award-winning author Brandon Sanderson is certainly worth checking out too, as it ties together some critical story elements touched upon in the games themselves. It would be great if we saw another novel that segues between Dungeons and the original Infinty Blade as well. Consdering the success of the last novel, I wouldn't be surprised!


As Epic Games' press release states: "Set several thousand years prior to the events in the classic Infinity Blade series, gamers will assume the role of an apprentice weaponsmith who serves the Master of the Forge, sent forth on a perilous quest to forge the one thing the Deathless will come to fear the most: the Infinity Blade."


Enjoy the awe-inspiring video trailer and photo gallery below, and prepare yourselves for a whole new, action-packed adventure! Coming soon, exclusively on iOS!


If you are having trouble viewing the trailer, you can also click this link for the video: Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Trailer.

As always, thank you for reading, and please chime in with any thoughts in the comments section below.

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