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My top free iPhone digital radio apps

I'm a news junkie.  I watch or listen to WAY more news then I should, but the news and especially politics is like a soap opera that you know is somewhat trashy, you just cant stop following. :) Anyway, when I drive, I normally listen to a 24hr AM news station.  Unfortunately, AM reception in the bay area is not always that great because of the hills. Solution? Use the iPhone as a digital radio!  So not only can I listen to my 24hr station anywhere/anytime (well, when I'm getting reception at least) but I can get NPR, CNN, BBC, Etc..  Sweet.   Still waiting for a good free app for local collage football. But that is another story.  As such, I've tried a number of iphone radio, podcasting apps that are free and thought I would share a few of my favorites.

AOL Radio:  First, it will detect your local stations based on your location which is great.  That is how I get my local news. AOL also have a wide range of music and other news available. __

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