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Remembering Steve

Freemium vs. Premium: Best and Worst Games in the App Store!


We do enjoy the games at iPhone Life. What's not to love about having something like a kabillion titles to choose from?! So, we decided to run a series amongst the gamers here that highlight our favorites over the years (some of us been swiping, tapping, or joysticking since the 1970s), and expound a bit on our opinions about freemium, downloadable content (DLC), and regular old-school purchase models. Siva Om has regularly covered this area (and does a superb job) in his column, but the other iPhone Life gamers thought maybe we would each throw in our two cents as well. Here is mine...

Apple honors Steve Jobs on anniversary of his passing


If you go to Apple's website today, the home page is exclusively a 2-minute video honoring founder Steve Jobs on the anniversary of his passing. The menu bar across the top appears once the video finishes. After the video plays, the image fades and a message from CEO Tim Cook appears noting the anniversay of his death and praising what he achieved. It's a moving video, and all tastefully done -- a fitting tribute. 

Steve Jobs' "lost interview" now available in iTunes Store


At the age of 40 the late Apple founder Steve Jobs was one of a number of tech visionaries interviewed for a 1995 documentary titled "Triumph of the Nerds." Jobs's segment in the documentary was only 10 minutes, but the original interview with him was 72 minutes, and notable for understanding his vision at a time just before he rejoined Apple after having been pushed out of the company in the mid-80s. That original interview was thought to have been lost, but was found last October on a VHS tape. It generated a lot of interest in that it coincided with his passing and the release of the Walter Isaacson biography.

Remembering Steve: Video Tributes

Just wanted to Share a few of more of my favorite Steve Job Tribute videos:

First is a short slideshow tribute that we created:

Video: Remembering Steve from iPhone Life

We wanted to create a short video here at iPhone Life headquarters to discuss the legacy of Steve Jobs. Martyn Webber sat down with Hal Goldstein (Founder of iPhone Life magazine), and David Averbach (CEO of iPhone Life magazine) to talk about the impact Jobs' has had on all of our lives. See video below:



Thank You For Thinking Differently, Mr. Jobs


I heard about your passing in the early hours of the evening last night, just as the news was breaking.

I was on my iPhone.

I looked down to take a moment and saw my iPad close by on one side, my Mac on the other, and I realized how much a part of my life you have been.

It wasn’t always that way. For years, my wife would tease me: she called me a “PC geek” and tried to entice me to drink the Apple juice. I was stubborn, but I did eventually give in and I bought an iPod.

And I loved it.

Will Apple be the same visionary company now that Steve Jobs is gone?


Earlier this year Jason Snell of Macworld magazine had some interesting insights on how Apple would fare in the absence of Steve Jobs. His bottom line is that Apple is now firmly in the mold of Steve Jobs. Jobs created a corporate culture that has suffused the company and that has deeply imbibed his ethos of putting people first, of letting design lead technology, of having the courage to do things differently, and of never compromising the vision, even if it means lower short-term profits.

The "insanely great" legacy of Steve Jobs


The legacy of Steve Jobs may never be equaled: The Apple II, which jumpstarted the personal computer industry. The Macintosh, which changed the way people use personal computers. The iPod, which was easy and fun to use, and took over the MP3 player market. The iPhone, which has revolutionized mobile phones. The iPad, which is leading the way into what he called "the post-PC world."

As CEO of Apple, he did things his way: no market research, no focus groups. He didn't ask what consumers wanted. He simply intuitively knew what they would like, and he demanded that his company create it.

Remembering Steve


Last month we hosted a "Dress like Steve Jobs Day" event as our way of honoring Steve's legacy. We received hundreds of amazing photos and messages from all over the world. We posted all of them at iPhoneLife.com/SteveJobsDay

We will be posting our favorite tributes to Steve Jobs on iPhonelife.com/rememberingsteve.

We invite you to share your comments, thoughts, feelings and wishes about Steve on that page.