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Best Apps: Business

businessIn addition to the iPhone's built-in features, a wide variety of apps are available to enhance personal and work-related productivity. Check out the App Store's Business category and you'll find personal finance managers, document editors, password managers, business planners, stock traders, job finders, and a whole lot more. You'll even find apps that help you with business etiquette and job interviews. Here are some top business/productivity apps.

Best of the Best

Air Sharing Pro ($6.99, app2.me/2625) turns iPhone/iPod touch into a wireless external drive and lets you view documents stored on your desktop from anywhere.

AT&T Virtual Receptionist (free, app2.me/2626) is a business phone system complete with a toll-free number, robot receptionist greeting, customized call forwarding to up to three phone numbers, caller ID, and 60 minutes of toll calls free per month.

Documents To Go Premium–Office Suite ($14.99, app2.me/286) allows you to import/export Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents as well as open those types of documents sent as e-mail attachments.

iXpensiIt ($4.99, app2.me/124) helps you track your budget and keep your business receipts in order.

Keeper Password & Data Vault (free, app2.me/2627) is a secure password manager.

Presenter ($4.99, app2.me/2628) Remotely control PowerPoint presentations on a PC.

QuickOffice Connect Mobile Office Suite ($9.99, app2.me/115) User-friendly app that lets you work with Excel and Word documents; its file manager lets you view and interact with local and remote file/document repositories, including MobileMe, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box.net.

Office Documents

Numbers for iPad ($9.99, app2.me/2480) is the feature-rich iOS version of Apple's popular Mac spreadsheet program.

Office2 (iPad version: $7.99, iPhone version: $5.99, app2.me/2508) offers similar functionality as Documents To Go and QuickOffice.

Documents To Go (see"Best Of the Best")

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite (see"Best Of the Best")

Audio Recorders

Dragon Dictation (free, app2.me/111) Uses voice recognition to turn what you dictate into an email or a text.

Recorder ($0.99, app2.me/2631) In addition to the usual features, allows you record phone calls.

Recorder Pro ($0.99, app2.me/2630) is an easy to use audio recorder app that is packed with features.

Voice Memos (built into iOS devices) Create simple voice recordings.

Voxie Pro Recorder and Dictation ($1.99, app2.me/2629) has a useful and sleek interface full of power features. It is one of the best voice recorders on the market.

Job Search Apps

iJobs ($0.99, app2.me/2635) brings millions of job listings to your iPhone and offers a keyword and location search.

Job Finder ($0.99, app2.me/2636) Search all major job sites at once instead of individually.

Jobcompass (free, app2.me/2633) Search for jobs close to your current location; iPhone users can even call the company from the app.

Jobs by Careerbuilder.com (free, app2.me/2632) Access your career builder.com account and uses GPS to search its huge database for jobs close by.

LinkedIn (free, app2.me/2634) Connect to your LinkedIn profile and access your professional network while on the go.