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From The Editor: Your Favorite Apps and Accessories

iOS Devices

Which iOS Device is Best for You?
First look: iPod Touch Generation 4


Best iTunes Content and Add-Ons
Get the most from your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad using Apple's iTunes and Third Party Programs


The Best Online Resources
What are the best apps and accessories? Where can you find bargains? Where can you get your questions answered?


Just the Best: Apps
Best Apps: Books
Reading eBooks on the iPad
Head-to-head comparison of Apple's iBooks app with Amazon's Kindle app, B&N NOOK, eBooks by Kobo, and Stanza
Best Apps: Business
The 5 Best Apps for Business
These apps have the greatest potential to improve your business!
Top Three Multi-Purpose Scanner Apps
Best iPad PDF Readers
A feature comparison of the top 5 PDF readers
Top 3 Business Card Scanning Apps
Best in their class, these iPhone card scanners give you the most bang for your buck!
Best Apps (and a few Accessories) for Business Travelers
Best Apps: Education
Ethics and App Reviews
Best Apps for College Students
Best Apps: Entertainment
5 Great Comics Reader Apps for the iPad
My Top 5 Apps!
Best Apps: Finance
Managing Your Personal Finances
Whether you want to check your balance, see what is due, or make a payment, Pageonce Personal Finance and Pocket Money can make it happen for you
Best Apps: Games
5 Top Fun Games
You'll lose track of time with these compelling, addictive games!
The Top 3: Shooting Games
The success of shooters on consoles is spilling over to the iPhone
The Top 3 Racing Games
Great graphics and death-defying speeds keep simulation, arcade, and kart racers interesting
The Top 3 Sports Games
Sports games have made the transition to iOS devices quite well.
Best Games To Tame Your Toddler
Entertain your children, stimulate their development, and give them an alternative to the mindless distraction of TV
Best Apps: Healthcare/Fitness
Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Health
Apps that help you stay fit and informed about your health
Best Apps: Lifestyle
Best Apps: Medical
Top 5 Apps for Healthcare Professionals
Physiology, disease, and drug references help doctors and nurses provide patients with the best care.
Best Apps: Music
Top Apps Unlock Your Musical Creativity
Best Apps: Navigation
Best Apps: News
Five Great RSS Reader Apps
Keeping up with the news with your iPhone or iPad
Best Apps: Photography
10 Best iPhone Photo Apps
These photo apps are among the best available—all worthy additions to an iPhone photographer's toolbox
Video Production Apps
Top 5 apps to keep your project on track and looking great
Best Apps for Displaying Photos
Best Apps: Productivity
Best Web Browsers for iOS devices
Apps that Help You Stay Organized
5 Great Apps to Help You Get Things Done!
Free Apps to Help You Find Great Apps
Best Apps: Reference
Best Apps: Social Networking
Best Apps: Sports
Best Apps: Travel
Best Apps: Utilities
5 Top iPad (and iPhone) Utilities
These apps set the quality bar high for future utility apps
Best Apps: Weather
Favorite Apps From Our Readers
Apps From Our Authors
iView: My Favorite Products for Leisure Time


Just the Best: Accessories
My Top Picks for 2010
These chargers, cases, and audio accessories add functionality or make your iOS device easier to use.
Best Accessories: Adapters and Cables
Stay Connected Almost Anywhere with MiFi 2200
Novatel's MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot gives you 3G wireless data anywhere over Sprint and Verizon's networks.
Best Accessories: Battery Extenders/Chargers
Best Accessories: Bluetooth Accessories
Best Accessories: Cases, Clips and Protectors
The Best iPad Cases
Best Case for Your iPhone 4
Best Accessories: Car Accessories
Best Accessories: Audio and Visual
Which Earphones Are Right for You?
These Best High-End Headsets Take Audio Quality to a New Level
Perfect Fit, Perfect Sound!
Best Accessories: Bags and Clothing
Favorite Accessories from Our Readers
iPhone Insurance
Protect your investment with these insurance options

Creating Apps

The 4 Best iPhone/iPad App Marketing Books
Six Steps to Get an App Built
Taking an idea from conception to the App Store