iPhone Life magazine

September-October 2011

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Volume 3 Issue 5

Regular Departments

From The Editor: Changing of the Guard


Social Media Report
Finding Good Food with iPhone Apps

iView: Passing the Torch after Chronicling Mobile Computing for 26 Years

iOS Devices

iOS 5
One-touch camera access, PC-free, ringtones, tweets, messaging, notifications, gaming and so much more
Your Music, Photos, Apps and more Auto-Synced to All Your Devices

A Cloudburst of Online Storage Solutions!
Apple, Google, Amazon, and others compete to offer you the best cloud computing experience.

Apple TV

What is it and why do I need it?

Game Changer
Apple, iOS, Apple TV and Their Effect on the Game Console Business


Top Tips
Hidden features that make the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad more powerful


There's Never Been a Better Time to be a Photographer!
Visual Design On the iPad
Professional-level apps for the serious artist and designer
Play with your Photography!

The iPhone and some well-selected apps can inspire a world of creative play.

Decision-Making Apps
Having trouble making a decision? Check out these iOS apps!

Best Presentation Apps
Apps that help you present, rehearse, and improve your communications skills
Feeding the Need to Read: 
RSS Feed Readers on the iPad

Study Aids
Organize your classes, track assignments, and take notes with the help of these apps
Great Physics-Based Games (That You Haven't Played Yet)

7 Great Apps for Special Needs Communication


Geen-up Your Gear!
Sustainable accessories and cases for your iPad and iPhone
Protect Your New iPad 2!


How the iPad Has 
Changed the Way I Teach

Teaching an Online Class with an iPad 3G
Facing a Crisis?
 Your iPhone and iPad can help you through it!

Your iPhone and iPad can help you through it
Interview with the World's Sexiest iUser
Hope Dworaczyk 2010 Playboy Playmate of the Year

At Work

iOS 5.0 and iCloud 

Has Apple changed the enterprise game again?
The iPad and Consumerization

What is it, and what does it mean for business?
Mobile Device Management

Using MDM to manage and secure your devices

Creating Apps

Developing for iOS 5

What does the new operating system mean for creating apps?

Importance of The HIG

Apple's Human Interface Guidelines are a key to its success.
Application Validation

Before you sketch a single screen, find out if anyone wants to buy your app!


Editor organizes life and keeps daughter entertained with iPad
Private detective's iPad/iPhone used extensively in research and surveillance
Artist's iPhone, iPad help him create ancient Filipino calligraphy
Dentist demonstrates procedures to patients with his iPad
Mother uses iPod touch to entertain child with special needs
Dog training facility owner uses iPads to improve customer experience