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May-June 2011

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Volume 3 Issue 3

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From The Editor
Over 250 Tips and How-To's
How to Compete With Apple

iOS Devices

iPad 2: The Next Generation
Thinner, faster, new apps, and two built-in cameras
Enhancements to iOS 4.3: Features and Apps
Tips about buying and using the iPad 2

Getting Started

Getting to Know Your iOS Device
What's inside your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad?
How do I rearrange the Home screen icons?
How do I download an app?
How do I set up a password for my device?
How do I change my background image?
How do I make full use of the Home button?
How do I get started with iTunes?
How do I conserve battery life?
How do I use folders to organize my apps?
How do I connect Bluetooth accessories quickly?
How do I adjust the brightness of my display to conserve power?
How do I speed up text entry with the built-in keyboard?
How do I restrict my child’s access to apps and content?
How do I enable and disable push notification alerts?


iTunes Introduction
How do I upload music from my device to iTunes?
How do I transfer music I didn't purchase through iTunes?
How do I change the computer that my device syncs with?
How to transfer your iTunes library to a different computer
10 Tips That Let You Take Control of iTunes


Incoming Calls: Introduction
How to Handle Incoming Calls on your iPhone
How do I silence an incoming call?
How do I send an incoming call straight to voicemail?
How do I forward calls to a different number?
How do I turn off the Call Waiting feature?

How do I switch between calls?
How do I block incoming calls?

How do I assign ringtones to my contacts?

How do I create ringtones from my music library?

How to Add Ringtones to your iPhone
: Introduction
How to find ringtones on the Web
How to create ringtones using Mac or PC
How to use an app to create ringtones

How to install iPhone ringtones using iTunes
How to change the default ringtone on your iPhone
How to assign ringtones to individual contacts
How to troubleshoot ringtone problems
Making Calls: Introduction
Making full use of the iPhone's calling features
How do I make a conference call?
How do I use FaceTime?
How do I turn off Caller ID?
How do I make calls quickly?
How do I voice dial a number?
How do I use another iPhone app while calling?
How do I convert a phone number to a contact?
How do I manage my voicemail?
How to Make Phone Calls and Send Text Messages on your iPod touch (or iPad)


Managing Accounts: Introduction
How do I add an e-mail account
How do I delete an e-mail account?
How To Temporarily Disable an Email Account on Your iPhone
How do I save battery power by setting "fetch" frequency for e-mail?
How do I use the accessibility features?
How do I delete Gmail messages instead of "Archive"?
How do I change my default e-mail account?
How do I make text entry easier with keyboard shortcuts?
Using E-mail: Introduction
How do I create a signature?
How do I change the number of messages shown in my inbox?
How do I change the number of preview lines shown for e-mails?
How do I e-mail a website link?
How do I change the font size of outgoing messages?
How do I disable the threaded message feature?
Using Text Messaging: Introduction
How do I send a photo in a text message?
How do I send video in a text message?
How do I forward a text message?
How do I turn off previews of incoming text messages?
How do I add emoticons to text messages?
How do I send a text message to multiple people?
How do I change message alerts?


How to Get Free eBooks
Photos: Introduction
How to Take, Share, and Use Great Photos
How do I change the point of focus in Camera?
How do I use HDR photo capabilities?
How do I share a photo?
How do I save photos sent via text messages or e-mail?
How do I edit photos?
How do I add a photo to an existing contact?
How do I take a contact's photo?
How do I create a custom photo slideshow?
How to play music with your slideshows
How do I use the iPad as a digital photo frame
How to Make Good Photos Look Great!
Videos: Introduction
How do I record videos?
How do I edit videos?
How do I share videos?
How do I download movies or TV shows?
How do I play videos and TV shows?
How do I play videos on my TV?
How do I customize my video settings?
How do I add music to my video clip?
How do I convert movie formats?
How To Sync YouTube Favorites Across All of Your iOS Devices
Music: Introduction
How do I download music to my device?
How do I get audio accessories?
How do I create a custom iPod menu bar?
How do I rate my iTunes songs?
How do I control music playback using voice commands?
How do I turn off the Shake to Shuffle feature?
How do I answer incoming calls while listening to music on a headset?
How do I create a playlist on my iOS device?
How do I create a Genius playlist?
How do I customize iPod/Music audio settings?
How to Enjoy Music More With Your iOS Device


Connecting to Internet and Managing Data: Introduction
How do I manage my data usage?
How do I connect to Wi-Fi?
How to Schedule Tweets
Hootsuite makes posting to multiple social media accounts easy.
Browsing the Web: Introduction
How do I zoom in a Web page?
How do I copy an embedded link address?
How do I see where a link is going to take me?
How do I add bookmarks?
How do I use bookmarks?
How do I add a web page to the Home screen?
How do I open/ browse multiple web pages?
Searching the Web: Introduction
How do I set a default search engine?
How do I search using Google Mobile App?
How to Find What You Need Online
The Web is your best source for finding apps, getting help, finding accessories, and more
Filling out Web Forms: Introduction
How do I use Safari’s AutoFill feature?
Online Security: Introduction
How do I manage security settings in Safari?
How do I use JavaScript?
How do I protect myself from fraudulent websites?
How do I clear my history?
How do I manage cookies?
How do I manage my online privacy?

At Work

How to Get an App Built
Taking an idea from conception to app store
How to Stay Organized
The iPad and a few well-chosen apps help me stay organized and on schedule.
How to Deploy Apps at Work
Understanding and using the options for app distribution
How to Configure a VPN on iOS
How to Configure Exchange Email on iOS


How do I create or edit a contact?
How do I use MobileMe?
How do I use Airplane Mode?
How do I use Voice Control?
How do I search for Calendar appointments?
How do I lock the screen rotation?
How do I track my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using MobileMe?
How do I show the battery percentage in the status bar?
My iPhone/iPad 3G doesn't recognize my SIM card.


Hardware Problems: Introduction
Troubleshooting Hardware Problems
My battery won't charge. What do I do?
How do I replace my battery?
How do I have physical damage repaired?
Software Problems: Introduction
Common iOS software problems and how to troubleshoot them
My iOS device won't turn on. What do I do?
How do I restore my device to its original settings?
How do I restart or reset my device?
How do I restore my iOS device data and settings?
What is the Device Firmware Upgrade mode and how do I use it?
I can't connect to Wi-Fi. What do I do?
iTunes can't find my iOS device. What do I do?


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