iPhone Life magazine

July-August 2011

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Volume 3 Issue 4

Regular Departments

From the Editor
15 minutes of fame… years of productivity and fun!

Social Media Report
Facebook Places on the iPad
Apple: Love ‘em, Hate ‘em

iOS Devices

Inside the iPad 2
You can learn a lot about a person—or a mobile device—in five weeks!
Must-Have Apps and Gear for your New iPad
5 steps to get you started
10 Apps That Shine on the iPad 2
Push your iPad to the limit!
iPhone 5: What to Expect

A roundup of the rumors and predictions


Top Tips

Hidden features that make the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad more powerful
How to Shoot iPhone Video That Doesn't Suck

These 7 tips will help you make better videos


iTunes: It's All About the Music

The basics of managing music with iTunes and your iPhone, iPod or iPad


Speak and Your iPhone Will Understand
Speech Recognition Apps Abound for iOS Devices
Looking for the Perfect iPad Note-Taking App
Can the iPad replace my beloved yellow legal pad?
Reiner Knizia Games Come to iOS
A look at 3 top games from the prolific German board game designer
Great Games from Major Developers
4 top-notch games from Epic Games, id software, and other big game developers
Top 5 Funniest iPhone Apps
Best Jokes, MouthOFF, Stachetastic, and more
Treasure Hunting with Your iPhone

Geocaching—a little adventure and a lot of fun!


Innovation on Display at CTIA

Great cases, cool audio devices, and other iOS accessories

All Speakers Great and Small

A quick look at the X-Mini II Capsule, the Octiv Duo, and the Zeppelin Air speakers


Syncing Files Online with Your iPad

SpiderOak, Dropbox, and SugarSync help you secure and access vital data online


Backpacking in South America
The iPhone came in handy. 3G was available almost everywhere
How to Survive an Earthquake
The iPhone comes to the rescue!
Diary of an iPad Addict

A day in the life of a retiree and his iPad


Restaurant owner uses iPod touch to get customer feedback and improve his business
Comedian processes after-show sales with his iPhone
Entrepreneur manages business and personal life with iPhone

At Work

iPad in the Enterprise

How the device is changing business forever

Balanced Scorecard for iPad

A Simplified BI Dashboard for Strategic Planning

Mapping Your Mind

A Guide to Mind Mapping software for the iPhone and the iPad


Consultant performs energy audits with iPad
PR executive relies on iPhone to balance work and home life

Lifestyle expert saves time with her iOS devices
16-year old racecar driver visualizes race data at pit stops

Creating Apps

Making your iOS Apps Portable

Master the Art of App Design

7 Steps to a better and more successful app
Creating a Successful Children's Book App