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January-February 2011

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Volume 3 Issue 1

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iMail: Letters to the editor and publisher of iPhone Life magazine.
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iOS Devices

Apple Releases iOS 4.2
for iPad
New OS unifies iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
Verizon's New iPad. Is iPhone Next?
Verizon bundles iPad with 3G wireless receiver. When is their iPhone coming?
Apple's Amazing 4th Generation iPod Touch
New iTouch sports faster performance; Retina display; FaceTime, and more.
New set-top box lets you stream iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad content to your HDTV.
Is there an "iWatch" in Apple's Future?

Apple's Grand Unification
Back to the Mac and what it means for iOS users


iTunes: Apple's Most Important and Most Troubled Application
The solution is in the Cloud
iTunes Tips and Tricks
Add Web clips to your Home Screen; Create your own ringtones; Trimming iTunes tracks; more.


Take Your Documents With You Wherever You Go!
Apps take advantage of "cloud" services and let you access your documents wherever you are.
Top 10 Causes of Death in the U.S. and Apps That Can Make a Difference
These apps help you deal with the 10 top causes of death in the US.
The Top Five Bible Apps
These resources help you gain a better understanding of the Bible
Apps and Accessories for a Would Be Runner
Shop Smart with Grocery iQ
Build and share shopping lists; track your purchases; more.
Zombie Games Invade the App Store
Top 5 "Hot Seat" Games
The iPad is an ideal platform for multiplayer games where you pass the device from one player to the next.
Lesser-Known Treasures
Five great games you probably haven't played!


Great Gifts for the iFanatic
Clothes, cases, earphones and speakers, and some unusual accessories that iFanatics will love!
Traveling with My iTouch
Add satellite radio and GPS navigation to your iPod touch
Protect your iPad and iPhone
Three great accessories help keep your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch safe and make it easier to use.


YouTube: Much More than Silly Videos
Bone up on algebra, check out travel destinations, view product reviews, and make some money
20 Ways to Watch Video
Apps that let you stream media content from your computer, cable, and online sources


The Buzz on Science Education and Space Exploration

An interview with Buzz Aldrin

A quick guide to motorcycling (and bicycling) with your iPhone
Breaking the Fourth Wall
A Case Study of the iPhone in Theatre
iPod Touch: a Backpacker’s Best Friend

The iTouch and a few apps make backpacking through India and Nepal easier and more fun
Finding your way around Comic-Con
Comic Con's iPhone app made life easier for attendees at its massive annual convention


Going Mobile as a Real Estate Agent

iPad makes finding properties and managing real estate transactions easier
Device Security at Work

What security and device management options are available to businesses?

Deploying Apps at Work

Understanding the options for app distribution

Apps for Developers and Designers

Notable attempts at turning the iPhone and iPad into a design and development platform

Creating Apps

Apple's App Review Criteria

The unveiling of the previously undisclosed rules

Developing an App Roadmap

Understanding the options for app distribution

Creating a Successful iPhone App

Steps you should follow to ensure your app's success
15 Rules for Pitching Your App to Bloggers

Rules to follow if you want your app to be reviewed and not ignored