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Winter 2010

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iOS Devices

The iPhone and BlackBerry Turn Out to be a Pretty Good Combination
A pair os Smartphones turns out to be a good combo for this user


Tips for iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0
hidden features that make the iPhone and iPod touch more powerful!
Photo and Video Tips
How to e-mail full resolution photos and copy videos quickly from your iPhone 3GS to your Mac or PC
iTunes 9 Tips and Tricks
How to use the new features of iTunes 9


How to Find Good Apps and Organize Them
There are now over 100,000 apps in the App Store; How do you find the ones that are really useful?
Which GPS Navigation App is for you?
We point you in the right direction.........
Two Great Fitness Apps
iMapMyRide and Calorie Tracker help you get fit and stay fit!
Top Healthcare Apps for New Parents
Apps that help parents manage their children's health and make better healthcare decistion
Holiday Gifts for Women
Great iPhone accessories enhance your iPhone's looks and utility
"Must-Haves" for Chicks

The iPhone’s style and the power of its apps make “iPhone Chick” something you’ll feel proud to be called!
A Mother's Gift Sent from Heaven
My iPhone keeps me organized, in touch, and on time.
Great Games Make Excellent Holiday Gifts
Some of the very best games in a number of genres make excellent holiday gifts
Great Games Under a Buck!
On a budget? Stretch your buying power with these great games.
Adventure Games
The past is now present—and the future looks even brighter!
Create and Share Your art and Photos
These apps let you enhance photos and post them online
Great Windows Mobile Apps Now on the iPhone
Top apps orinigally developed for Windows Mobile find a new home on the iPhone


Enhance Your Video-Watching Enjoyment
These accessories will help you enjoy watching video on your iPhone


Safari4 for your Windows PC
The latest version of Safari brings the power and ease of iPhone Web browsing to your PC


Apps for the Citizen Journalist
Apps to help collect, analyze, and report the news.
Backpacking through Africa Part II
Bogged down in Cameroon, feeding the hippos, the lost valley of the gorillas, and more.


11 Apps for the Business Professional
These apps help you stay connected and productive
Could Your Mobile Device Land Your CEO in Court?
Unsecured data can lead to personal and corporate problems
Preparing Powerful Presentations

Improve your presentation skills with Presenter Pro

Creating Apps

The Real-World App Store
Practical suggestions for getting your apps approved
App Store Resource Center
Apple launches its resource center to guide developers through the process of application submission and approval
What the iPhone’s Sound Capabilities Can Do for Your Projects
Quality audio will enhance the user experience
The Traits of Successful Game Apps

Developers need to take a closer look at successful apps
iPhone SDK Programming: A Beginner's Guide
This article is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of SDK Programming: A Beginner’s Guide by James A. Brannan
One App. Unlimited Applications.
Company employs application shell strategy to get clients up and running fast!
Creating Innovative Apps
Use intellectual property as a strategic input to enhance your iPhone app development efforts
Developing iPhone Apps in .NET
How does MonoTouch bring Microsoft’s .NET to Apple’s iPhone?

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