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Sept/Oct 2010

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Volume 2 Issue 4

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More than High-Tech Gumdrops

Letters to the Editor
Latest iPhone related news
iView: My Favorite iOS 4 and iPhone 4 Discoveries

iOS Devices

iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0: The Fourth Time's the Charm!
The new iPhone is faster, more capable, and less power hungry than its predecessors; iOS 4.0 adds folders, multitasking, and more


Tips for iOS
Hidden features that make the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad more powerful


Get the Most Out of iTunes
Create more space and find your favorite content


Best Games Ever
Best App Ever Awards: Winners in the GAMES categories
iPad Games: Showcasing the Best!
The most addictive and graphically appealing iPad games
Office Docs on Your iPad

Apps that let you view, edit, and create Office documents on your new mobile computer

Stream Audio
Anywhere You Want It!


iPhone Cases
Protect your iPhone, add some style, and bring back some of the original allure
Which iPad Stand is Right for You?
A variety of options are available from Apple and third-party developers.
Sleek Signal Enhancer
Boost cell signals to avoid "dead zones"
Make Mobile Presentations with the iPad
Teamed up with Keynote and the M1 Plus Micro Projector,the iPad becomes a mobile presentation platform


The Top Web Resources for iPad Owners
iPad tutorials, app reviews, news, and much more is available online, for free!


Backpacking through Africa: Part III
My iPhone comes in handy among the lions In Tanzania, to learn about giraffes, and when face to face with Mountain Gorillas.
On the Road with My iPad
The iPad comes in handy, whether you're traveling to Sweden on business or scuba diving off California's Channel Islands.
The iPad's Potential in Medical Research Administration and College Education
Reflections on the eBook Revolution
From a Mystery Writer's Perspective
Cycle Art!
Creating a visual celebration of the bicycle
My Indispensable iTouch!
Living in the shadow of the iPhone and iPad, the iPod Touch 
is the best of both worlds for this freelance illustrator


Using the iPod Touch in the Classroom
…making learning fun again!
The iGeneration: iPhones in the Classroom
Middle school teacher uses iPhone apps to make class more relevant
iPhone Apps for Teachers: Track Your Students' Info
iPhone apps help college teacher track class attendance and grades
iTouch the Future
Integrating the iPod Touch into a 3rd grade classroom
Students Develop Apps for the iPhone and iPad
Real-world experience in collaborative efforts
iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0: Implications for Employees and the Enterprise
What's Driving iPhone/iPad Adoption 
in the Enterprise?
How to Get Your Employer On Board with the iPhone
Will the iPad Replace Your Desktop?
Attorneys, phycisians, executives, sales people, and more are adopting the ipad
Four Steps to Achieving iPhone Security 
at Scale in the Enterprise
Supporting large-scale deployments of the iPhone
iPad Apps for IT Professionals
11 apps help IT professionals manage systems

Creating Apps

iPhone 4 Developer Impact
What do the new features give to developers?
Native Apps versus Web Apps
Mobile enterprise development controversy:
Benefits sell apps, not features
An interview with Laura Douglas
Keeping Your Interface Responsive