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New iPad warmer, but not an issue say reports


The new iPad definitely gets warmer than the iPad 2, but is it a problem? A couple recent rounds of measurements say no. RepairLabs ran some tests to pinpoint the source of the additional heat and reported yesterday that the A5X chip in the new iPad runs about 17 degrees Fahrentheit hotter than the chip in the previous iPad. But what does this mean in practice? According to CNET, the new iPad is warmer, but it's not really a problem.

Want the new iPad? Sell Your Old iPad


Looking to sell your old iPad and be able to upgrade and buy the new iPad? Apple can help you there.

Apple will buy back your old iPad through the their Reuse and Recycling Program. This program will allow you to exchange your old gadgetry (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbooks, and many others) for Apple gift cards. This will not only help you save money to put towards the new iPad, but it also allows you to be green by reducing the number of Apple products ending up in a land fill.

Apple sells 3 million iPads over launch weekend, in-depth reviews, heat issues


Apple reported late yesterday that they had sold 3 million iPads the first weekend — a record for the iPad, and nearly equal to the 4 million iPhone's sold last October with the launch of the iPhone 4S. By way of comparison, Apple sold 300,000 iPads on the first day of sales of the original iPad back in 2010. According to CNET, the figure of 3 million doesn't include preorders.

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Record sales for new iPad, Apple to offer dividend to stockholders


In a conference call with market analysts and reporters this morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple was "thrilled" with the sales of the new iPad over the launch weekend and that it set a new record. While Apple didn't say how many were sold, it was likely between 600,000 and a million. You can read more on Macworld.



The issentiel case is one of the most elegant, well built cases I have had the pleasure using so far.  The iPhone cases are available in over 50 different styles and colors.  They have many different ipad cases to choose from also.

iRest iPad Stand By Raindesigninc; Review


The iRest laptop stand makes reading and watching movies much more comfortable. It makes resting the iPad in your lap very easy. If you decide to use the stand as a desktop stand simply remove the Cushing's and the iRest stand converts into a desktop stand. This makes using the iRest stand in the kitchen very easy for viewing recipes or watching the news while you cook.

Features: (taken from www.raindesigninc.com)

Apps optimized for new iPad, issues with heat, performance tests


I've collected some of the more useful blog posts related to the new iPad, should you be the lucky owner of one, or are considering purchasing it. Most of the reviews are ecstatic, but iMore has pointed out that the new iPad gets a bit warm in one corner — something that had never been the case on the first two generations. They don't see it as an issue, though. iMore also has a post comparing the camera capabilities of the new iPad relative to the iPad 2.

iHome announces new AirPlay speaker - iW2


We reviewed the iW1 last year here on the blogs and in print, and pretty much agreed it was a great product for wireless music streaming via AirPlay (see my review here), though maybe a little wonky to configure in my case. One aspect that I liked is that the iW1 is truly wireless; sporting a rechargeable internal battery that not only allows the device to be carried around the house, but still provides a charge to your devices when connected. The lower priced and eminent iW2 (due out April 1, 2012) will not have this feature, but otherwise will include the streaming excellence of the iW1. You can read on about the updated model (which is a bit smaller than the iW1) in the included PR release.

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What's bigger than an iPhone, smaller than a MacBook, and the most anticipated Apple product since the original iPhone? On January 27, at a special invitation only event at the San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Steve Jobs announced Apple's new "magical, revolutionary product" -- the iPad. Meant to fill the gap between the laptop and phone, Jobs said it was "way better" than either. Let's take a look at it.

Thin, lightweight, and powerful

The iPad shares many hardware features with the iPhone, including an accelerometer, an orientation sensor to switch from portrait to landscape mode, solid-state memory, and the same 30-pin doc connector. Connectivity is also virtually the same, with wireless 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 EDR included on all models.

iPad runs iPhone apps!

The iPad will run a version of iPhone OS, and the new device can run virtually any app developed for the iPhone or iPod touch. Aps developed for the iPhone can run on the iPad in native resolution but is large enough to touch type on.

The larger screen not only makes familiar iPhone apps like Calendar, Mail, and Safari look stunning, it also provides screen real estate for more complex elements in the UI. For example, Calendar display a split-sreen view that describes the day's appointments on the left and shows you a color map of used time slots on the right. The split-screen view in Contacts displays you contacts list on the left and the full information for the contact you've selected on the right.

An ebook reader and more

Although not build into the iPad, Apple will offer a free app called iBooks, which will allow you to download and read books from it's new virtual bookstore. The new iBooks store will be accessed from and as easy to use as iTunes.

The ultimate media device?

The iPad is not the world's first tablet PC or the first eBook reader. Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, and others sell Windows-based tablets, and Amazon has had considerable success with it's Kindle. But Apple thinks the iPad will reinvent the category by offering a vastly superior multi-touch interface an easy access to a wide-variety of apps and media via iTunes. Aple hopes to make the iPad the ultimate media device by leveraging it's existing assets which include over 100 million paying iTunes customers, established relationships with music and video content providers, and over 100,000 iPhone OS app developers.