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Quick Look: Eat Will Grow


Eat Will Grow was one of those "hey, it's temporarily free so let's grab it" type downloads. As it turns out, I'm glad I did. The premise is simply to last as long as you can before colliding with what I would describe as a mine. Along the way you'll collect rings for points, but the rings will cause you to grow over time (it's sort of like the old snake game except you grow bigger around rather than longer). You can also collect a power up that will temporarily either speed up or slow down the flow of the game.

Fizz Releases Award Winning Traveller App for iPhone!


-{12427761576780}--> Fizz Software Ltd May 18th 2009 - Fizz Software Ltd.

Slacker streaming radio — Slacker Pro giveaway


Slacker is a service that, like Pandora, lets you identify the type of music you like and then creates a personalized station that streams this music. And Slacker, like Pandora, makes it super easy for you to create your station, beginning simply by naming your favorite song or artist. These two websites are hugely popular, and both offer a free iPhone app that lets you access your stations or create new ones.

iDeals brings shoppers nearly unbeatable deals


iDeals is a great little app for not only seeing the deals of the day, but also makes purchasing quick & easy. Oh, and so far the prices are unbeatable!


A Day in the iPhone Life of: Corvida Raven



This is the second in what I hope will become a regular series of posts – the ‘A Day in The iPhone Life of …’ series.  I’m a complete iPhone ‘apps junkie’ – so I am always fascinated to learn about how other people use their iPhone and all its great apps - which are their favorite apps, their biggest disappointments, which apps they use every day, and all that sort of thing.  My hope is to talk to some notable iPhone users I know, or know of, on the web – people who are tech-savvy and who are iPhone power users, or iPhone devs, or just plain interesting folks who have embraced the iPhone.

I’m very happy – and very lucky – to have another great chat partner for this second in the series – Corvida Raven.  Corvida is a professional blogger, a community manager, an uber social geek, and a real fun and insightful presence on the web – and all at the tender age of 21! Here’s just some of what she’s up to on the web these days:

    * Blog Editor for Mr. Tweet, a personal Twitter recommendation tool 
    * Co-Founder of EverythingTwitter, your one stop Twitter tool shop
    * Co-Founder of The SocialGeeks Roundtable Podcast, taking social media discussions to a whole new level

You can find out more about Corvida, and how to follow her on Twitter and Friendfeed and everywhere else, at the About page at her excellent Shegeeks site, which is HERE.

Corvida is also a real iPhone power user, as you’ll clearly see in her answers below.  My questions are in bold, Corvida’s answers in plain text.  We did this interview via IM, so I’ve trimmed out some, but not all, our little asides that did not relate directly to a question.

How long have you owned an iPhone?

I purchased the 3G when it first came out last summer. Took me 5 hours to get it and get back home, but it's been a worthy investment so far.

So almost a year now?

What smartphone (or feature phone) did you use before the iPhone?

Motorola Q9c (Win Mobile 6) I still have it, but rarely use it.

Oh cool, I was a long-time Windows Mobile user / fan until iPhone came along

Same here.

How many apps did you run - roughly - on the Q?

Just Qik and a few video apps, Windows Live Search (which I loved) Skyfire too

What's the first thing you usually do with your iPhone on a typical day?

Check email.  Lately I've been playing with the new Twitterrific 2.0, but last week it was Tweetie. So email, then head over to Twitter and see what's going on.

Right, anything else? I find I do a ton of RSS catching up on the iPhone before getting up for the day - and have a feeling I saw a post of yours where you mentioned you do too ...

I use Google Reader's default web app. It's more fluid and just works. I don't read stuff offline very much so an app just isn't necessary. However, I've always been interested in Feeds, the app that is

Cool - I always say that Google Reader is still my favorite app, even though it's a web app

It's awesome. Google did a great job with a lot of their mobile products. The iPhone optimized version just feels lighter and I hate entering in my info to new apps

You're a professional blogger / community manager / influential woman in tech / a social geek and a mega Twitter expert - talk about some of the iPhone apps that help you in any or all of these areas ...

Well Apple's default apps do great, but I find all the good stuff in Cydia, which is something I check every other morning.  Twitter clients are very important too

HA - there's that question answered - you are still jailbroken

Of course! There's no other way to be :D

Which is your favorite Twitter app, tough call right?

Twitterific 2.0 and Tweetie are great paid twitter apps. It's been tough choosing a default, but I think I'll stick with Twitterific for now. Still have an eye on Tweetie though.

Wow, pretty much the same

Twitterfon is a good free app. I haven't tried it, but it looks great and I've seen a lot of good reviews about it

Tweetie has been my fave for months but Twitterrific 2.0 is superb

The threads and tap shortcuts are awesome for Twitterific 2.0

Have you tried out qtweeter on the jailbreak side of the fence?

Oh yes, that's also on my iPhone :) I play around with another one that's actually a Twitter keyboard

Oh, I envy you that one (qTweeter) - what do you think of it?

Tweeboard is the name of it. Somewhere in Cydia

It's pretty neat, but not for when I'm doing serious work.

Which, qtweeter? Howcome?

No the Tweeboard keyboard isn't productive for me. But it's fun. Qtweeter is a time saver. It does exactly what it should do

I like that it does the Facebook updates too

OK, got it. I like a few things those guys - Efiko Software - have done ...

Qtweeter is the best and I've heard good things about their iPhone ringtone maker

Yes - I like iPhoneRingToneMaker - always have - I know you can do it yourself, but I'm lazy and it's a slick app :)

Do you use Friendfeed on your iPhone?  If so, via Safari or via an app?

Occasionally I do. I use it via Safari. Do you have any app recommendations?

I like BuddyFeed quite a bit, it gets good updates, and the dev is active on Friendfeed himself

I'll put that on my list to check out too.

Cool - would like to know what you think :)

How about blogging - ever use any iPhone blogging apps to post stuff with?

I've tried the default WordPress app, but I incorporate too many things into my posts that can't be easily done from my iPhone.

If it's urgent, I'll tweet it instead.

Yeah, I've tried the WP one and iBlogger and Blogpress and use none of them often - in fact very rarely

The Tumblr iPhone app looks great though. I've seen a few demos of it and it made me want to start a tumblelog.

I think that's more suited for the iPhone.

Ha - I think so too - bought it, started one, rarely update it - but that's my bad, nothing wrong with the app / service

I don't know if you coined the phrase, but you're the first person I saw use it, when I first discovered your Shegeeks site - so what is your all-time favorite 'awesomesauce' iPhone app?

I did coin it, but I'm sure other great minds may have said it before I came around. Awesomesauce app? Do I have to pick just one?

Nah - how about Top 3?

My there's so many to choose! I love a lot of them. Top 3: Brightkite, Winterboard, & either Tap Tap Revenge 2 or PixelPipe.

But I love Flickit, Qik, MixTube, and Imeem's new app may become a big favorite soon also.

Good ones - boy I miss themes now that I'm running stock - and SB Settings I miss sooooo much - FlickIt is superb

Are you tempted to try 3.0, or too much of a pain with jailbreak etc?

Too much of a pain. I want the whole package!

What's the worst iPhone app you ever downloaded (free or paid)?  And why?

Wow, I really don't know. It would probably have to be the Crash Bandicoot racing app


I've regretted purchasing that app from day 1. I've never really played it either. The touch controls are too sensitive. I purchased it at the wrong time. I was still new to the iPhone so it just felt weird still. It made it difficult to play the game though and I haven't really went back to it since.

Gotcha - makes sense

Have you bought or DLed for free any real 'novelty' type apps, or even crap apps?

What do you mean by novelty?

Well, I think I've drawn my own little - not very straight line - between outright crap (like farts, burps, other rude sounds) and things like iNap@Work, which seem fun and more like 'novelty' apps to me

But obviously one person's crap app is another person's novelty app and so on

Oh ok, well one might consider this crap but I think it's funny and that would be Shotgun (the free version)

No novelty apps yet

Right - that's the type I was thinking of though :)

Any favorite iPhone sites?

Hmms, TUAW, Apple iPhone School, and the iPhone blog

Yeah - Apple iPhone School are excellent for jailbreak apps info

Are you planning to grab the new model if there is one this summer?

Hell yeah! :D

I hope there is a new model, but the iPhone will have some tough competition this summer and I'm not cutting it any slack.

Like The Pre perhaps?

The Pre, Nokia's N97, another Android Handset.

Will you be giving any of those a look as well?

If I can get my hands on them I sure will. The Palm and N97 for sure. I had the pleasure of seeing the N97 at SxSW. I think it might end up being a huge debate between UI's and Apps for me.

Best interface and app store wins and the biggest app store doesn't necessarily make it a winner.

Good stuff. The Pre does look exciting, ideas and UI wise - to me ...

I'm a very visual person.

So that's a major dealbreak for me.

I think UI counts for a ton for me in all of this too

The iPhone upped the ante with that one.

What do you most want to see changed / added in a new model and / or the new OS version?

A better camera and MMS first and foremost. Bluetooth (I swap pictures and songs via bluetooth all the time.) If not for the music at least for the images.

Better memory performance and background processing

Those are my top 5

I like those - I think video is very near top of my charts

Oh yes, do add that to my list too - and I'd love to see theme integration! Let me customize the crap out of the homescreen please.

Themes - jeez, yes - I cannot see how we can have an app that looks at and kills sytem and app processes, but we can't have one that changes the icons :)

It's torture - Cruel and unusual punishment.

Cool. You're a Qik user you said right?

Qik yes


I’d like to say a huge Thank You to Corvida for taking time to do this with me this week.  She actually took a lot of time, and was a lot of fun to talk to.  I enjoy her writing a whole lot, so it was great to get her thoughts on the iPhone and especially on iPhone apps.  If you haven’t already done so, you should really give Corvida’s stuff a look at: Shegeeks.net.

What could multi threading ‘run in background’ support in iphone 3.0 look like?


I was writing a post on the best way to use Pandora on the iphone (link to article) and it struck me that THIS is how we may see ‘run in background’ support working on the iphone and why we want it.

A new case for my iPhone


 I purchased a new case for my iPhone yesterday. My old one was getting tired from use! I love the color - green! It's made by Incase, and has a rubberized edge for better gripping. I especially like how the back is translucent and shows off the Mac icon!

Keeping Myself Organized with Ultimate ToDo


 One of the apps on the front page of my iPhone is Ultimate ToDo's, v 1.4. I use this little gem for my personal life, my college life, and in my work. Unlike some of my other apps, I've used this one for several months now, and I'm extremely happy with the product.

Here's how I use Toodledo:

Two Tribes B.V. and Chillingo Announce Toki Tori Promotion Contest

Toki Tori Enthusiasts Win Awesome Prizes For Promoting the Game

In preparation of the May 22nd Toki Tori iPhone launch, in conjunction with the celebration of the one year anniversary of the WiiWare™ game, Two Tribes and Chillingo are inviting gamers to show off their creative skills in the newly launched Toki Tori Promotion Contest. The contest challenges entrants to think of cool ways to promote the game.

Emergency Radio lets you tune into local police and emergency services


Emergency Radio covers over 900 local areas, letting you use your iPhone to tune in to police, fire, and emergency services frequencies via Wi-Fi or your data connection. The popular app is one of the top paid apps (99 cents) in the iTunes App Store. It takes advantage of ability to identify your location, making it easy for you to search for nearby frequencies based on your current location. You can also search for specific cities/counties. The application also offers a customizable favorites list, and a list of scanner codes to aid in listening. You can find a list of the communities covered by clicking here. If you don’t see yours listed, you can request it. A free Lite version covers specific services in Chicago, Denver, Miami, New Orleans, and San Jose.

Safewallet Contest is Over


Sorry folks, the SafeWallet contest is now over (but i'm trying to go ahead and get licenses for everyone). Our official winners are:




The MYST app is available for the iPhone!


 Today, I discovered the Myst app for the iPhone. MYST was my all-time favorite game when it came out on the Mac, so I HAD to buy the app for my iPhone this morning.

I haven't spent much time on it yet, so I'll report more later; but so far, I'm impressed! The graphics and sound effects are just like I remember! It navigates easy once you learn the tricks. The help section will tell you all you need to know to get around.

New iPhone Life Blogger Introduction

This is my first blog for iPhone Life, so I thought I would introduce myself. I'm a freelance writer, wife, mother, homeschool veteran, and college student. I'm a baby boomer who loves technology and I've been a Mac fan since 1981. Currently, I'm at OSU-Tulsa finishing up a degree in Journalism.

I write several blogs. I Twitter and Facebook and maintain two Web sites, all of which I love doing; but I'm really excited about adding this blog for iPhone Life because I LOVE the iPhone! 

Last chance to win a version of SafeWallet.!


We had a litle impromptu security-related contest this week to raffle off some free versions of SafeWallet for iPhone. An app from SBSH Software that will securely store all your critically private information.

Steppin game now free


The developer of Steppin has just reduced the price to — free! This game for iPhone and iPod Touch entails using your fingers as if they're your feet to navigate five levels of courses, from skipping across lilies in a pond, to traversing the face of a cliff. You use the multitouch capability of the screen to get across all five levels in the fastest time. A scoreboard system tracks your best time as well as reporting the best player of the day, week, and ever.

Amazon.com now optimized for iPhone


Earlier this week Amazon launched an iPhone-friendly version of its website. When you go to Amazon.com in Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch, it automatically gives you the iPhone version (and gives you the option of seeing the PC version, if you want). This is the whole Amazon site, not just the Kindle ebook area. If you do a search, you can, just like the desktop site, search any specific area of the site, or choose just to search the Kindle area.

MerckTech introduces iEDL group e-mail application!


Introducing iEDL - Email Distribution List for iPhone™ - group email at your fingertips.

"Ad apps": strictly for advertising


A couple days ago I posted about "crap apps": entertaining and completely useless apps A couple days ago I posted about "crap apps": entertaining and completely useless apps that in some cases make a lot more money for the developer than serious apps. Now the Wall Street Journal has an article on what might be called "ad apps": apps whose main purpose is to promote a product.

Review: Flower Garden


My hope was to get this out before Mother's Day was over - at least by me - but I missed it by "that much".  Anyway, I thought I'd take a couple minutes to talk about a relatively new iPhone application called Flower Garden.  I hesitate to call this a game, because the only thing in it that's reminiscent of gaming is the need to unlock the various types of flowers you can grow.  I suppose a better classification for this would be an "entertainment" package.  In the end, though, it's really mostly one of those Zen like relaxation packages.&nb

iPhone Security Contest: Win a free copy of SafeWallet!!


3 lucky readers are going to win a copy of SBSH SafeWallet by giving up their iPhone security secrets. What am I blathering about? Well, I wanna know how you keep your iPhone data secure...? Not still storing passwords and account numbers in the notes application, I hope. Is your phone jailbroken? That could be a problem if it's lost, or malware finds it's way to it.

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