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Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a network drive with free Files app


If you want to transfer files from machine to machine on your network (without using a USB drive), there is a very simple application available in the iTunes App store called "Files lite". Look under the Productivity category to find it. It is an ingenious and free (if somewhat limited) way to turn your iPhone or Touch into a network attached storage device, as well as expand the ability to share files.

Coming: Use your iPhone to connect your laptop to the Internet

Many carriers offer the ability to connect your laptop to the Internet by using your mobile phone as a sort of modem. It's often called tethering. That way you need not be in the vicinity of a wireless hotspot to go online with your laptop — you're able to connect wherever you can get a cell phone signal. This functionality is very convenient — but hasn't yet been available to the iPhone. However, an AT&T executive recently mentioned at an event that tethering was coming.

iPhone-optimized web sites now includes Best Western


The universe of web sites custom-tailored to the small screen of the iPhone continues to grow. Some of these can be found in the Dribbr directory of web apps and iPhone-optimized web sites.

iHome iP47: A Dock That's Worth Sailing For


 The iHome iP47 has just extended my digital centric iPhone existence. A self-described "Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone / iPod" is sleek and unobtrusive and puts out more than adequate quality sound.

The iPhone as a musical wind instrument?


What will they think of next? You gotta watch this short video and this of an iPhone being played like a flute, or rather a recorder. Apparently Ocarina creates sound by letting you blow across the iPhone.

Stylus for my iPod touch -- who would have thunk!


In our Windows Mobile publication, I wrote an article about 5 things Microsoft could learn from the iPhone. One thing was that a "touch screen is for touching". After years of fumbling with a stylus for the Pocket PC, I found the natural touch-based iPod touch user interface a relief.

Free App of the Week: iHeart Radio


Weekly review of select 'Free' applications from the iPhone App Store.

This week I will be looking at an Internet radio program named, "iHeart Radio".


How the iPhone saved me $10 at Walmart using screen capture

I was not going to blog about this, but recently I saw a post on how Walmart now has an iPhone version of their site.  I have a friend visiting from the UK, and instead of renting a bike for a few days, I did some research and found it cheaper to buy a new one. After a bit of searching, I found a mountain bike for $60 at Walmart on sale. We headed off to the store and it was listed as $69 in the store.

Home Screen Page Turn Alternative


You probably move from Home Screen to Home Screen by scrolling left/right flicking your finger to throw the pages.

There is an alternative approach, which is sometimes more convenient.

The iPhone allows you to create up to nine (9) Home Screens. The small white dots above the Dock Bar shows the number of screens you have, and indicates which Screen you are currently viewing. The image below indicates we are on Screen #2 (yellow arrow points to dot number 2 of 6).

Shout out to iTunes Customer Support!--and a warning about product versions...

I recently posted about buying a game where I screwed up in the purchasing process, and initially bought the standard iPod version before I figured it out, and had to go back and buy the game again for my iPod Touch. I reported this to the iTunes Store customer service (by using the "report a problem" link from the e-mailed receipt), and the rep decided to cut me a break and reverse the charge (thanks Matt). That's some righteously decent customer service I'd say. Really, he didn't have to do it, because of course... All sales are considered final there.

Home Screen Icon Control


By default, the iPhone arranges icons on the various Home Screens in a tight configuration that pushes everything up and to the left, leaving all blank spaces at the bottom of the screen.

Apple's iPhone Simulator almost as good as the real thing


I'm writing this post on an iPhone... not a real phone, but a simulated one that appears on my MacBook screen. it's about 50% larger than actual size, and it's very shiny and realistic looking. But most importantly, it looks and acts just like a real iPhone when it runs Safari.

Warning!!--Spore Origins very addictive!


So, my 3rd Apple iPod, the Touch, which I've had for about a month now is quite living up to the hype so far. It is operating in a most excellent manner, and monopolizing all my free time. I get the feeling that my other gadgets are starting to get p**sed. Recently, I made a big mistake and bought a game from the app store called Spore Origins. If you value your time, you will not get this game!! That's right..nice and slowww...just walk away! No, don't look back!

Customizing the menu Bar


The iPhone's Menu Bar at the bottom of the screen provides a means to access the most common applications across all Home Screens. While Apple's default choice of Phone/Mail/Safari/iPod may may be just fine for you, if you've ever wanted a different layout, you can have it as the four (default) icons can be readily changed to meet your needs.

AT&T to give free wifi to iPhone users.. again..

Ok, I heard this before. Hopefully they have it working this time. I got a SMS from ATT pointing me to this info on the ATT site on how to gain access:

iPhone users, get started with Wi-Fi

App Store Web site crashes mobile Safari


I'm new to the iPhone and iPod Touch, so please let me know if I'm missing something obvious... but I just found that one of Apple's Web sites -- a site targeted to iPhone/iPod users -- crashes the mobile browser.  (I have already reported this problem to Apple.)

Dribbr gives you the web optimized for iPhone


I like Apple's approach of creating a browser that lets you access web pages designed for a desktop computer. But it sure gets tedious scrolling around and zooming in and out. Frankly, I've always preferred web pages optimized for mobile devices.

iPhone Voice Recorder- iTalk by Griffin Technologies

Griffin technologies just released a free iPhone App known as iTalk. I love Griffin Technologies. They have always stepped in and produced products that Apple had not yet gotten around to producing, and with the style befitting Cupertino chic.

Google Earth for the iPhone is out.. And its almost fully cool



I was pretty excited when I heard this was out.  I downloaded, started exploring and … its ok.

Review of iMapMyRide as a bicycle computer for the iPhone


There seems to be a pattern here, I cannot seem to get enough GPS loggers. 

This is the 5th GPS logger I’ve checked out, and with one exception, which I will cover in a second, I’m not really seeing anything significantly new here.

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