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Review: Skooba Design Techlife Netbook/iPad Messenger



Skooba Design is a company in Rochester NY who designs various types of bags and gear for our computers and other tech. I was recently reading one of their press releases when I stumbled upon a product of theirs called the Techlife Netbook/iPad Messenger.  I contacted them to see if I could test it out and they kindly sent me a loaner review. This bag was just recently introduced and is part of their tech life collection?

Muzx Ultra Earphones - a contender for best earphones!



I received the Muzx Ultra earphones a day after I wrote a review of the V-Moda Vibrato, so I can’t write this review without comparing the Muzx Ultra with the V-Moda Vibrato.

Absolutely the best in sound and quality - V-Moda Vibrato Earphones



I absolutely love the sound and quality of the V-Moda Vibrato earphones.

Problem Solved!


I use my iPod Touch for all my media listening. I listen to podcasts all the time....more than I listen to music. I listen when I am driving, exercising, working outside, waiting for my wife while she is shopping.....like I said, all the time. My biggest frustration with every set of earbuds I tried, was that every time I took them out to talk with someone, all I could do was hold them in my hand or stuff them in my pocket. I would also have to pull out my iPod and pause it.

Are you a Genius? Hi-Fi Speakers Review


I want to share with you a nice little set of great sounding 50-watt Three-way Hi-Fi Wood Speakers from Genius. First to start my prosumer review I will say that these sound really, really good regardless of the source be it your iPod, iPhone or computer.

CASTIV: The Guitar Sidekick Product Review


My love of gadgets is on par with my love of playing music, whether that be transmitted from a piano, guitar, flute, recorder, whistle or a number of other tone generating instruments.  As such, I frequently combine the use of my iOS devices with my acoustic or electric guitars.  My iPhone is clipped somewhere on my body when I'm playing in a band or solo at friends, family and neighborhood gatherings.  That iOS device is there to help tune my guitar (especially helpful for those compositions that require open tunings) as well as provide instrumental accompaniment when a simple drum track or bass line can help embellish the performance.

Review Part 2: Kensington PowerBack™ Battery Case with Kickstand and Dock



This is part two of my test drive of this unit. The original sneak peak can be found here:




This case reminds me of the old Mophie style battery pack for the iPod Touch, where you slide the device in but the top part of the device stuck out. In this case, it's not as bad as the Mophie design. This case and battery pack is one piece.

Review Part 2: Kensington KeyFolio™ Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad



Last week I posted a sneak peak of the Kensington Folio case for iPad.




The setup is pretty straight forward. Slip the iPad inside and secure it with the flap that prevents it from falling out. You just need to place the flap under the back of the iPad. This keeps it from slipping out. Also, mark sure to charge the keyboard with the included mini USB cable.

Enjoy Movies on Your Big Screen with Scosche sneakPEEK II!


If you have a video-capable iPod (or the iPhone), no doubt you are aware of the ability to enjoy movies, and pix on a larger screen, like say your big-screen TV. There are some great docks to do this, but the new Scosche sneakPEEK II accessory is perfect for when all you really want/need is a cable, and even supports High-Def, iPad and most iPhone/iPod (video capable) models!

Review Part 1: Kensington PowerBack™ Battery Case with Kickstand and Dock

Here is another preview/unboxing that I wanted to share with you. This is another Kensington case loaner that I actually just received yesterday afternoon. This case has a built in battery and a 3 position kickstand that supports portrait and landscape.

Review Part 1: Kensington KeyFolio™ Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad


I just received my loaner unit for review of the new Kensington Folio for iPad. Instead of doing one large review, I decided that I would break it down between an un-boxing / sneak peak, and then my follow-up review on the actual usage next week.

You can find out more on the product here. It's not released yet but it's available for pre-order.

Review: Just Mobile AluPen




The “Just Mobile AluPen™ is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus” that you can use on your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad. In my review, I was using it with the iPad, as I do occasionally write notes and jot down ideas.

Just Mobile UpStand Review


With the choice of iPad stands continuing to expand almost on a daily basis, iPad owners looking for the design that best suits their functional needs and aesthetic desires is becoming increasingly differentiated.  Going beyond the simple easel, Just Mobile's UpStand takes a fixed pedestal approach and matches it with the kind of high quality aluminum frame composite material that has the look of Apple's metallic design.


Mophie Juice Pack Air and Powerstation Review



Just in time for my trip for writer’s conference in New York, I received the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone and the Mophie Powerstation to review. These two accessories will definitely travel with me everywhere I go.


Review: Krypton Screen Armor and Dreamcoat Case



Krypton Products is a company who is and wants to be environmentally friendly and who also loves to accessorize our electronics.   They recently released two products for the iPad, the Screen Armor screen shield and the Dreamcoat case.

The Screen Armor comes in two flavors: Anti-Fingerprint and Ultra-Clear.

Review: Fabrix Cases Booklet Case for iPad



Fabrix Cases just recently released their version of a book style iPad case called the "Booklet Case for iPad." This is a book style case that is hand sewn and seems to be very well constructed.  You will receive the case in a plastic box. Just remove it and you're ready to go. As soon as I slid the case out of the packaging, I knew I was going to enjoy this. The case has texture to it, and I have been trying to think of a way to describe it. But for the life of me, I just can't find the appropriate words.

Arkon Product Accessory Reviews (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and More)






Below are three Arkon products that they kindly sent me for a test drive.  Whether you are interested in the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, there is something for everyone below. Arkon has been around since 1988 and provides various mounting solutions for a wide range of products and devices. Three such products are below.



Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad

Trident releases the Kraken iPhone case


I am always on the lookout for the perfect case, and depending on the day's events, I might swap cases once or more during the day.  For example, this week I chaperoned for my daughter's Field Trip.  This was no visit to a quiet, cozy museum but rather an outdoor hike and 'Stream Study', in a muddy park.  And it was raining.  Fortunately, I had the Kraken case from Trident ($34.95).  While the Kraken is not billed as being waterproof, the case has rubber flaps that cover the various openings such as the dock connector and audio jack.  The camera and front glass are covered by clear durable film as well, making it dust resistant.

Moleskine Covers for iPhone and iPad



Here is something that was announced not too long ago by Moleskine that's very interesting. They are making folios that combine the iPad or Iphone with their paper pages.

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