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Review: STM Stash


In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that STM had just released their new bag called the Stash. This shoulder style bag is compact and designed to fit an iPad or most other 10" tablets. This comes in the colors black and berry.




The bag is made of microfiber and has soft padding in the device compartment. The strap is adjustable and removeable.

Bracketron Universal Tablet Headrest Mount and Twist360 Reviews


With the rapid ascent of tablet popularity, headrest mounts are quickly becoming a means to convert a tablet into an inexpensive, high-end in-car entertainment system. Getting a bracket that is durable, reasonably priced and firmly holds the tablet in place can be a challenge. Do Bracketron's two headrest mount products exceed these baseline expectations? Read on to find out.

OlloClip Provides Novice Photographers Professional Shots



The iPhone 4S sports an eight megapixel, rear facing camera. It also has a two megapixel front facing camera. This allows the iPhone user the ability to take excellent photos directly from their iphone. By adding the eight megapixel rear facing camera many consumers will no longer carry an extra camera for photography.




The Incipio Delta iPhone 4 case is compatible with iPhone 4/S both Verizon and AT&T model. It is made of a high density polycarbonate and silicon material.  The Delta offers a great deal of protection for the iPhone 4. The Incipio Delta case is made of two layers of silicone type material. The first layer of protection that goes on the iPhone like a rubberized skin. Second, it has a exo-skeleton type material surrounding the entire device. The exo-skeleton simply snaps over the other skin covering to form great protection.  The two combined offer a great deal of support and protection for both the front and back of the iPhone 4.

The Best Battery Cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S (Comparison)


There seems to be a growing number of users who are experiencing shortened battery life on their iPhones after upgrading to iOS 5. The cause is still unknown, but many people are chiming in with their ideas on how to fix it. One way to get around it for now, is to shell out another $50-$80 for a good battery extender case. These cases will keep you charged up for now, and when Apple fixes the battery issue, you'll just end up multiplying your battery life. 

Here are a few cases that can extend the battery life of your iPhone:


PowerSkin: $69.99

Power Capacity: 2000mAh

Improve Cell Service with Wilson Sleek Signal Booster



The Wilson sleek signal booster is a simple and efficient way to improve your cell phone signal for any type of cell phone including the iPhone. It is as simple as plugging in the provided cables and putting your iPhone in a cradle while using. The Wilson sleek has been carefully engineered to improve the performance of the cell phone signal. Together with the outside antenna and the cradle the phone it improves disconnects and dropped calls.  The Wilson Sleek does not require any drilling or cutting of any holes in the automobile.

Extreme Portfolio™ by G-Form: Review



The G-Form Extreme folio is made from a spongy type substance without the holes.  It comes available in yellow or black colors.  The folio style is my personal favorite type of all the iPad case selections.  I like the variety of the many different viewing angles it offers.  G-Form uses proprietary RPT technology and Poron XRD material to absorb energy while protecting the iPad from impact.  Its products are all made with the intentions of protecting the iPad at all cost.  I haven’t seen any other cases on the market offer more protection ability. 

Get the iW1 at an Apple Store near you!


Probably one of the best wireless music systems I have reviewed (review here) and now available at Apple Store, Best Buy and Crutchfield (temporarily out of stock at iHome). The Wi-Fi was a little wonky for me (warning if you still use WEP), but this is a great system and if you have an iPhone, 'Pad or 'Pod lover in the family, this would make an awesome holiday gift! Read on for more PR info...

Review: Wrap 1200 Video Eyewear


What gadget lover doesn't dream of the day they can be wearing sunglasses with overlay displays, augmenting their reality with location statistics, friend status, emails and every so often, a video. While we haven't quite yet progressed to having a low-cost consumer device that does all these things, the Vuzix Wrap 1200 delivers on at least one of these features. Read on to learn more.

Go ahead and brag, with Braggables.com


Go ahead and brag.  Whether it's because your kid is an honor student or your niece is adorable, or just because you have an iPad or iPhone.  Or maybe it's all of the above?!  If so, you are in luck because the nice folks at Braggables.com have a line of iOS accessories (named iBrag of course) that let you carry your gadgets in style and brag about your loved ones at the same time! Their items are available in a 'wet crocodile' style that many women pay a lot more for at stores like Brighton, but to be honest, as a man, I like it too, at least in black!

Review: Arkon Universal Windshield Tablet Mount


Arkon sent me their recently released tablet mount system to try out. This universal system not only allows you to use your iPad, but a wide assortment of tablets in your vehicle by placing the device in a mount system that attaches to your windshield.

In the package you get the extension arm and spring loaded holder. There are six arms that also slide onto the holder. They consist of two sizes that allow you to mix and match for your particular needs.

Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Check out the HELO-TC



My husband, Bill, was a helicopter pilot, who flew in Vietnam and on the Delaware State Police. Although he's retired now, he still has great memories from his flying days. When I saw the HELO TC remote-controlled helicopter being promoted online, I immediately asked for one to review. I wanted my husband to try it and see if he would recommend it. He does, and so do I! I found it to be just as much fun as he does! 

Griffin TechSafe Case for iPad 2 Review


Griffin is no stranger to the iPad accessories market, so it's not surprising that they would branch out beyond the usual selection of cases and stands by offering a niche product that satisfies an important need. Read on to learn more about their TechSafe Case.

The TechSafe Case was specifically designed for an unsheathed iPad 2, so that the slip snuggly protects the iPad 2 from flimsy extraction. Once the case is tightly coupled around the iPad 2, a cable and 4-dial combination safety lock can be used to keep the iPad 2 secured to a table or display stand. The most obvious use cases for the TechSafe Case are for trade show exhibitions, store displays and interactive kiosks.

Pad & Quill Case Review


We have many choices of protection for our idevices these days.  With all the many companies available we almost must do some research on the topic before purchasing.  Well I'm here for that very reason.  I enjoy bringing you all the many different case reviews available.  The iPad is a very expensive item so we must take great care of our device.  Pad & Quill make a unique type case.  It resembles the back of a book.  When the device is inside the case and on a book shelf it would be very easy to not recognize it sitting inside the bookshelf.  The Pad & Quill case is unique but provides nic

Snugg iPad Case Review


The most important part of caring for your iPad is a good case.  By adding a case to your device, adds the assurance of protection against all the elements of life.  Snugg has extremely nice idevice cases and accessories.  They have very protective and attractive iphone and ipad cases that I use very often.  They also sale accessories for about any type of tablets or kindles you may need.  If you need an accessory for one of these devices I would visit their site www.thesnugg.com.

RAT STAND for iPad Review


The RAT stand is a telescopic, no knobs, or small pieces to lose type stand.  It can be used for many different occassions or activities. It works for both the ipad versions.  This is one of the most versatile stands on the market today.   I have been amazed at just how many different occassions I have been able to use the stand.  Though it has many different uses being a teacher I can use this stand daily at school.

iOS BloodPressure Monitor Withing's




We all can improve the way 

we eat or get more exercise. Does any of this sound familiar?  Well, I'm not here to lecture you like a doctor. I do have a way you can improve your health. It even includes being an iDevice user.  Withings, has the smart blood pressure monitor.  It monitors the blood pressure using an idevice.  Maybe you need an excuse to get that new iPhone 4S. 

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