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New And Noteworthy Games! Juggernaut: The Revenge Of Sovering. [REVIEW]


Juggernaut. The Revenge Of Sovering. 

Available for FREE in the App Store.



Juggernaut: The Revenge Of Sovering is the newest, noteworthy turn-based RPG to hit the App store. This game debuted last week to rave reviews and has become an instant hit, with it's stunning graphics, beautifully illustrated cut-scenes, and innovative twists on the turn-based gaming genre.


Juggernaut features 5 warrior classes, each with 30 levels of progression. While you advance you will be able to suit up in 12 classes of armor and become a master of 4 schools of magic with powerful spells you will learn to cast. As you battle the legions of dark and evil forces; amassing wealth, health, armor and magic along the way, you are also faced with additional challenges, such as treasure hunts, lock-picking, tap-sequence memory games, collecting "mana" energy and fighting the "evil eye" of your foes.



This game captivates with its 3-D graphics while bringing unique fighting mechanics to bear. In all honesty, I am typically not a big fan of turn-based RPG's, but this one had enough interesting and diverse elements in it (not to mention killer graphics!) to keep me interested, and at the edge of my seat! Battle moves are made by swiping to slash, playing special combo or tapping specified areas in a radar-like field in front of the enemy. Take care to attack when they aren't watching if you wish to inflict the most extreme, most effective damage.



Juggernaut is a vividly rendered environment where you'll face combat in over a dozen locations, including cities, deserts, caves and forests. Over a hundred enemies are awaiting you, as you battle through about 30 hours of gameplay, attempting to make good on collecting over 50 achievements and embarking on numerous special quests to unlock additional secret locations.



Game play in Juggernaut is a pleasure, with customizable characters and an interesting back-story and plot. Juggernaut is intuitive enough for someone who doesn't play turn-based RPGs to pick up effortlessly, even though as the game progresses, skill and finesse definitely become more crucial to your success and survival. If you are a fan of turn-based RPGs, this game is a must for your collection, and even if you weren’t before, this game might just make you a fan of the genre. I have to highly recommend this game for its style of play, it's graphics, it's interactive speed and it's unbeatable price!




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