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Case-Mate's Tough Extreme: Redefining Rugged Fashion. [Review]


 Case-Mate Tough Extreme


Those of you who follow my articles know that I'm both an outdoor enthusiast as well as a person who likes to bring my mobile devices into the field with me. So I get to test the reliability, durability and ruggedness of many products that claim to be just that; reliable, durable and rugged. I'm always keeping my eyes open for any new accessories that can help keep our iDevices safe in potentially unfavorable circumstances, whether they occur in the urban jungle or in the great outdoors.


To that end, I'd like to turn you on to a great new iPhone 5 case from Case-Mate; the Case-Mate Tough Extreme. The Tough Extreme case meet up to the coveted Military Standards and Specifications and feature 3 layers of extreme protection: a built in screen protector, an impact-resistant PolyCore hard outer shell, and a shock absorbing DuoFlex interior lining.


 Case-Mate Tough Extreme


This case is not only rugged and built to withstand far more abuse than your average iPhone 5 case, it is also a beautiful and finely crafted accessory with great attention paid to the little details. As someone who can be rather rough on my iDevices, I appreciate all the care and thought Case-Mate out into this case; its not easy to make a quality heavy-duty case that's stands out from the crowd in today’s market, but that is exactly what they have done.


 Case-Mate Tough Extreme


I especially appreciate the port covers on the Tough Extreme. When dealing with situations where your iDevice could encounter water, dirt and other debris, it is the integrity of the covering flaps that can make the difference between an event that just takes your breath away and makes time go into slow motion, (like when your iPhone jumps into the toilet or goes for a joyride bouncing down the mountainside) and an event that ends with you having to start looking for a new iPhone. Additionally, the Tough Extreme case has convenient water and debris deterrents over the speaker and microphone in the firm of tiny holes that allow sound to pass unobstructed while blocking debris from having instant and total access to your iPhone’s sensitive innards.


If style is a consideration and you'd like a svelte protective case that is both rugged and fashionable, and doesn't look like it was made for active military duty even though it is, then I highly recommend this beauty from Case-Mate.


 Case-Mate Tough Extreme      Case-Mate Tough Extreme


The Case-Mate Tough Extreme is available in the UK HERE, for £40.00 and in the US you’ll find it HERE for $50.00.

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