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Specialized in development for Windows, Mac and iOS devices. We've been developing applications for more than 15 years in the fields of translation and financial systems.



WORKS OFFLINE - Unique Double Conjugator App displays Spanish conjugations together with their exact English counterparts for over 11,000 verbs. Guaranteed you have never seen this educational, exclusive feat before! The app handles 17 tenses, plus you can type in an already-conjugated verb and the app will de-conjugate it to get the infinitive. Internet connections needed for the pronunciation/voice feature.

It shows 12 types of verbs and a brief and clear explanation for each of...


WORKS OFFLINE – Expand your Spanish vocabulary or find just the right word for the assignment, our comprehensive word selection and simple search options will have you using this app every day. With a minimalist display designed for functionality it features visual cues, like usage guides and regional flags, and easy navigation between detailed results.

One of the largest collections of synonyms and antonyms featuring pronunciation, it includes not only single terms but phrases...


WORKS OFFLINE – Learning Spanish or English? We have the most affordable tool you will find featuring pronunciation in multiple regional voices. Translate between both languages and take advantage of definitions and synonyms for better understanding. Especially useful when dealing with idioms, phrases and conjugations, we made different usages clear so you will always find the term you need.

Simple and user-friendly options enhance your experience: no need to change settings...

The Most Powerful English-Spanish Dictionary Out There!

The Most Powerful English-Spanish Dictionary Out There!

With the recent release of the 2.4.0 version of our Unabridged Dictionary App for iPhone and iPad we’ve crossed yet another landmark in the continued success story in Word Magic Software’s wondrous App History. We’re recognizing the relevance of this newest update with the application of a 50% Discount to the Unabridged Dictionary App’s regular cost, thus making it feasibly attractive as a must-have Back to School App.

About 2.4.0: