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DRY-ALL is first aid for wet electronics. DRY-ALL rescues wet cell phones, smart phones and tablets using the most effective absorbent available anywhere. Our proprietary formula has been a family secret for more than sixty years. The powerful absorbents used in our products literally suck the moisture out from the inside of the wet electronic allowing it to dry completely and continue functioning like usual. DRY-ALL was originally invented by Major Edward J. Hawkins, a WWII United States of America veteran. Our product was first utilized to keep moisture sensitive radar equipment dry for the military during overseas transport.Since then DRY-ALL has been used by NASA and the U.S. military to keep sensitive electronics and weaponry dry.



DRY-ALLs Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit dries any type of Smartphone or cell phone completely. It is easy to use and guaranteed to work if all the directions are followed. This one of a kind product is the most effective way to dry a wet cell phone, by using a proprietary blend of absorbents that has been a family secret for more than sixty years. The absorbents used in DRY-ALL are unlike any other thing on the market. DRY-ALL works by literally sucking the moisture out from the inner most...

Wet Cell Phones Happen During Fall Too

Wet Cell Phones Happen During Fall Too

The days of lounging by the pool and relaxing at the lake are gone and summer is slowly slipping away. Signs of autumn are all around us the weather is getting a bit cooler and the kiddos are back at school. While the number of cell phones that get soaked is much higher during the summer time, fall brings different risks for your electronic devices.

College kids are probably at the highest risk for getting electronic devices wet once school starts. Think about it late nights studying with coffee nearby, running to get to class in the rain, not to mention the nights partying where judgment is a bit skewed and drinks have a habit of always spilling towards your precious electronic devices.

Why Rice Can NOT Effectively Dry a Wet Cell Phone

Why Rice Can NOT Effectively Dry a Wet Cell Phone


New research disproves the urban legend that rice dries wet cell phones and offers a better alternative


The Most Effective Remedy For Saving Wet Cell Phones


In a world where we are all completely and utterly obsessed with our cell phones it is not surprising to hear the recent finding of a survey done by Telenav. 70% of people surveyed would rather give up alcohol for a week than go without their phone for a week. One third of all people would rather go without sex for a week, 63% would give up chocolate, and 55% would rather avoid caffeine than go phoneless for seven days.  After hearing the results of this survey it makes sense that when a cell phone gets wet people are in a rush to dry it out. There are many remedies out there. DRY-ALL is a one of a kind absorbent that uses blue bead technology ™, a sixty year old family secret to dry wet electronics. It is unlike anything else.