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Located in Taichung - the third city of Taiwan since 2009, YumYumCook provides assistance to Businesses in Taiwan and Overseas, using the facilities of the internet. Working in the IT field for more than a decade, Che-Wei Liu is the Company owner and is highly qualified Master's Degree in software Engineering.

YumYumCook has developed a number of web-based applications related to Food Ingredient and Formulation Management System, Customer Relationship Management System, SMS System, and Job Matching System, etc.

Started from 2011, YumYumCook extended the business of the mobile app development.



WhatsGoLa Free is also available, try before you buy!!

Do you dream of traveling the world? Do you picture yourself on the beaches of Mauritius, or on a hilltop overlooking Machu Picchu, or maybe sat around a camp fire in the mystical shadow of Ayers Rock?

You watch on TV as a triumphant athlete stands on the podium, or stood on the red carpet at the Oscars, thinking "I wish I was there..."

With WhatsGoLa,...


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WhatsGoLa Trailer Video

WhatsGoLa Trailer Video

Virtually Travel the World by an iPhone App

Virtually Travel the World by an iPhone App

YumYumCook is pleased to introduce WhatsGoLa for iOS. Ever dream of traveling the world? Most of us may not have enough money and free time to do this. But now, a new iPhone App could make your dream come true ... well, kind of. The idea behind this innovation is to prepare some of your favorite photos, remove the background and then merge those photos with other scenic pictures. With WhatsGoLa, it lets you quickly fly around the world to collect beautiful scenic pictures and make lifelike, superimposed photos.

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