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Royal Tern Software, Inc.

Royal Tern Software, Inc. is a Indie studio located in beautiful New Albany, Ohio. Our current focus is to create engaging Apps which involve problem-solving and strategy.

Beetle Trap, a fun and amusing puzzle game

Beetle Trap, a fun and amusing puzzle game

New Albany, OH - Royal Tern Software, Inc. today is pleased to announce that Beetle Trap for iOS has become available worldwide, exclusively through the App Store in the Games Category. Beetle Trap is a free puzzle game for the iPhone, iPod and iPad for all age groups. There are 7 levels with a Challenge to be conquered in each. You need to play your moves to end with a Game Board having a particular number of Beetles as per the Challenge. Hundreds of possible move combinations make it interesting to play and win. Beetles are awarded for winning which becomes part of your collection. Once you have mastered a level, you can try the Time Challenge mode where you have to complete your moves within two minutes and reach a winning position.