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GeoSocials is a social game that helps you find friends, fortune, and fame at a place near you! GeoSocials is a hyper-local, real life social networking game that lets you play, win and socialize all at the same time, unlock real and virtual goodies and move up life’s leaderboard – anywhere and everywhere you are. 


GeoSocials was designed to deliver an engaging hyper-social experience. The game doubles up as a powerful social networking tool that facilitates players to make instant and real connections with people both in terms of physical proximity and established social connections.

GeoSocials Injects ‘Gamification’ into Social Networking

GeoSocials Injects ‘Gamification’ into Social Networking


GeoSocials: A Brand New HyperSocial Game for the on the go social networker and virtual explorers of the future.


New York, NY - Announcing that XLabz Technologies has released their highly anticipated location based social game, GeoSocials for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users.

Based on the principles of gamification, GeoSocials is a real-time, location based social game played in and around one’s location. Here, players can earn virtual and sometimes real rewards that boost their standing within the game’s landscape. Think of it like a social game layer built atop the real world.