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No Tie specializes in fun and clever iPhone apps including bestsellers like AutoRingtone (Text-to-Speech Caller ID ringtones) and AutoVerbal (Text-to-Speech communication system for non-verbal users). No Tie means no superfluous "frills"... just solid functional apps.



Create unique UNCENSORED Talking Caller ID ringtones for each contact using DOZENS of VOICES PLUS ~200 Intro Sound FX to get your attention! Create ANY MESSAGE you want! iPhone users can use tones as ALARM CLOCK ALERTS i.e. 'Chris it is time to take your medicine' Submit your best ringtones for a chance to win great prizes! Users have created over TWO MILLION RINGTONES so far!

Also, non-iPhone owners can create ringtones on an iPod touch & download the soundfiles in .AIFF format...


"[Esteemed NZ musician Chris Knox] had a stroke last year. I bought Chris an iPad specifically because of your AutoVerbal app. I try to get him to use it when he is having trouble expressing what he is trying to get across as he has almost no speech. There is potential for this to be a long term major tool to help him. Thanks again, you are doing good work."

Now with Male & Female voices & 3 ways to speak: (1) 100's of built-in phrases in over a dozen categories (2) Program...


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AutoRingtone: Behind the Curtain

AutoRingtone: Behind the Curtain

Show off your creativity using Ringtones Uncensored & win prizes!

Show off your creativity using Ringtones Uncensored & win prizes!

Over two million ringtones have been created using our AutoRingtone service and family of apps! As our gift, we're offering a FREE iPad & other prizes for the best ringtones created using our apps! Make a ringtone using AutoRingtone or Ringtones Uncensored, etc., then login at www.AutoRingtone.com and follow the directions to submit a ringtone. If we use your example in our print ad, you win an iPad! If we use it in a web ad, choose an iTunes gift card, iPhone case, charger or earbuds!

Here are some examples, which should be easy to beat:

FANFARE + BritishMan: "Attention Steve, the President is calling. He needs your advice. Again."

POLICESIREN + JerseyGirl: "Mister Smith, this is the Police. Your son gets one phone call. This is it."